How to write a study plan for Master Degree

How to Write a Study Plan for Master Degree in Korea


A lot of international students find it difficult or stressful to write a study plan for Master Degree in Korea. Often times they end up not having a study plan which is very inappropriate especially when such student is seeking for a scholarship.

What is a Study Plan?

A Study plan is a schedule that allows you to prepare a good time management to help improve your academic performance, achieve personal goals, and successfully complete daily routine tasks. The idea of a study plan is to help students stay focused throughout their academic sessions.


It is a summary of the subject requirements of your course and indicates when planned subjects should be studied. Many students find it hard to utilize their time because they do no’t have a proper study plan.

Criterion before writing a Study plan for Master Degree

Before considering of starting a study plan, there are certain criterion involved which are as follows;

1. Be a certified student

Of course, before you decide to have a study plan, you must be a certified student in either a college/high school/university. Writing a Korean study plan for Master means you have already completed your high school education and, thus, a certified student.

2. Have a conducive learning environment

Another criteria for writing a study plan is having a conducive environment to study. If you are applying for a scholarship program, you need not worry as the organizers would ensure a suitable learning environment is rendered to you.

However, if you are an existing student not on Scholarship, it is advisable to secure a conducive environment before drafting your study plan.

3. The mindset


Lastly, and most importantly, the mindset. You cannot carry out your study plan activities without having the mindset to do so. Having a good study plan and not executing it is a complete waste of time. This is why, it is important to project your mindset in achieving your set goals.

Why do you need to write a study plan?

Writing a study plan is necessary because it gives you a summary of every activity that needs to be done in school. It allows you to see how you spend your time, and ensures that you are setting aside enough time outside of class to complete homework assignments, study for tests, and review and retain the information you are learning.
A study plan tracks your academic progress and gives feedback on what needs improvements. It utilizes the hours you need to study, work, play and at most, improve your academic performance.

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A study plan tracks your academic progress and gives feedback on what needs improvements. It utilizes the hours you need to study, work, play and at most, improve your academic performance.

Balancing Coursework and Research in Grad school

Graduate school can overpower, with a weighty responsibility that incorporates coursework, research, and other scholastic obligations. It can be hard to keep up with all of these competing demands, but with the right tactics, you can succeed. You can focus on the most important tasks first by prioritizing them according to their importance and urgency.

Breaking larger projects down into smaller, more manageable tasks is another way to reduce the overall workload and make it easier to handle. By finding the right harmony among coursework and exploration, you can succeed scholastically and put yourself positioned for future achievement.


How to Write a Study Plan for Master Degree in Korea

1. Brief Introduction about Yourself

When writing a study plan for a Master degree in Korea, ensure you include a brief introduction about yourself. This gives the institution an insight of their prospective candidate.
You must include your full name as written in your legal documents. Also, write about your nationality, your most recent educational qualifications and an insight of what you look forward to.

Sample 1:

Good day, My name is George Mandela, a citizen of the United States of America. I am a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. I graduated with a CGPA of 4.76 out of 5.00. I am seeking to further my education to pursue a Master’s degree in Business Administration at (mention the University) Korean.

Sample 2:

Hello, My name is Michelle Ebosa from Accra, Ghana. I am a graduate from the University of Accra. I studied International relations with a CGPA of 3.86 out of 4.00. Furthermore, I am looking forward to acquiring a Master’s degree with the aforementioned course in your prestigious institution.

Either of the samples above can work out because it is just an introduction. Sample 2 however is more intriguing, but regardless, both samples are good enough for an introduction.

Introductions are important because they provide a first impression, establish credibility with your audience, and prepare the audience for the speech’s content. So ensure you write a brief introduction on your Master degree study plan.


2. Write about your Goals

After completing the introductory part of your Master degree study plan, begin to draft out your goals. Write out your main educational goals, which basically means what you want to achieve during your course of study in Korea.

For instance, you could want to learn the Korean language as well as complete your Master’s program. These are few goals most applicants are aiming to achieve.

Sample 1:

My two educational goals are to gain a Master’s degree in Business Administration and learn to speak the Korean Language.

Sample 2:

My main objectives are to acquire a Master’s degree in International relations and also learn about the Korean system of Government.

It is not compulsory you highlight only two educational goals in your study plan. What is more essential is that you keep track and achieve your listed goals at the end of your study. Students are known to achieve more when they diligently follow their study plan.


3. A detailed plan

Outline a detailed plan of your educational activities throughout the duration of your course. This includes every semester, courses, and extracurricular activities.

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For example;

First semester courses

1. Accessing the Market, ACC 4QR.
2. Marketing Management, MMG 3AS.
3. Business Cooperation Introduction, BCI 4FR.

Second semester courses

1. Business Cooperation II, BCI 5FR.
2. Foreign Exchange Policies, FEP 5EP.
3. Business Marketing, BM 5RM.

Third Semester courses

1. Market Analysis, MAA 411.
2. Economy Sustainability, ECS 510.
3. Demand and Supply, DNS 43F.

Fourth semester

1. Foreign Exchange Analysis, FEA 610.
2. Business Consulting, BC 611.
3. Partnership and Entrepreneurship, PAE 603.

After outlining the numbers of semesters and courses to study, set your goals for each course and reasons for studying them. Also state any extracurricular activities you would be involved in such as, Swimming, Football, Basketball, Golf etc.
Detailed planning is necessary because it ensures you will take action every day and be able to measure how effective it is.

4. Benefits from Program of Study

Your Master degree study plan for Korea must entail the benefits you want to achieve from your detailed plan. These benefits can be daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. State clearly what you want to achieve after every study plan activities have been carried out.

Sample 1:

After completing Marketing Management course, I want to be able to execute proper market making decisions whilst still in school.

Sample 2:

After my first week of study, I should be able to increase my productivity, time management skills and better score.

Add the benefits you are aiming to achieve from your chosen program. At the end of every week, use your study plan guide to check your performance and ensure you track your academic progress.

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5. Future plan

A future plan has to be included in every study plan. The future plan gives insights on what you decide to do after studying. While writing your future plan, ensure you state your short and long-term plans after completion of your academic session.

Sample 1:

After completing my Master’s degree in Business Administration, my goal is to oversee and supervise business operations within my community.

Sample 2:

After completing my Master’s degree in Business Administration, my goal is to oversee and supervise business operations within 10 international countries in two continents.

Sample 1 is an example of a short-term future plan. Reason is because, it is very much achievable within a short period of time.

Sample 2 is an example of a long-term future plan. Always ensure you relate your future plan to your educational career while writing your study plan.

After you have successfully drafted out your study plan, ensure you proofread and add current information about yourself. E.g. Full legal name.

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8 Essentials that must be included in your Study Plan for Master Degree

  • Full name and most recent educational qualification.
  • Educational Achievements
  • Outline learning objectives and assignment schedules.
  • Experiment objectives/expected outcomes
  • Future academic goals
  • Changes in study habits
  • Outline Strengths
  • Write your weaknesses & your strategies to overcome them.
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Note: Ideally, a study plan must consist of at least 800 words for Master degree applicants and over 1200 words for PhD applicants.

The significance of a master’s degree study plan in Korea

A review plan is a fundamental part of effectively finishing a Graduate degree program in Korea. You will be able to complete your coursework and research projects in a timely manner if you have a well-crafted study plan that helps you stay organized and on track.

A study plan also helps you determine your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to concentrate on areas where you can make improvements. You can achieve your educational objectives and maximize your academic potential with a comprehensive study plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I stand out to admissions committees with my Master’s degree study plan?

Focusing on highlighting your academic accomplishments, relevant experience, and future objectives will help your study plan stand out to admissions committees. Use specific examples to show that you are ready for the program and that it helps you achieve your career goals. Furthermore, you might need to consider integrating interesting points of view or ways to deal with the field that you offer of real value.

How long should an effective study plan be?

It ought to be a couple of pages (2 to 3) long. It ought to be brief and focused, highlighting your objectives and your strategy for achieving them.

What should be included in a study plan template?

Your academic and professional objectives, the courses you plan to take, and your strategy for achieving those objectives should be included in a study plan template. It ought to also include any research or hands-on experience you intend to acquire while studying.

How frequently should my study plan be updated?

Your study plan should be updated as often as you need to reflect changes in your objectives and interests. It’s smart to survey and refresh your review plan something like one time per year.
Furthermore, a review plan assists you with recognizing your assets and shortcomings, permitting you to zero in your endeavors on regions that need improvement. With a far reaching concentrate on plan, you can expand your scholastic potential and accomplish your instructive objectives.

What should be included in a study plan template?

A review plan layout should incorporate your intellectual and expert objectives, the courses you mean to take, and your arrangement for accomplishing those objectives. It ought to likewise incorporate any exploration or reasonable experience you intend to acquire during your examinations.

Can I obtain a master’s degree and work in Korea?

After earning a Master’s degree, it is possible to work in Korea; however, you will need a work visa. Even though there is a lot of competition for jobs, having a Master’s degree can boost your chances.

Is doing a Masters in South Korea worthwhile?

If you want to learn Korean culture and language, gain international experience, and possibly improve your job prospects, earning a Master’s degree in South Korea may be worth it. However, in the end, it depends on each person’s objectives and circumstances.

In Korea, how many semesters is a master’s degree?

It typically takes three to four semesters to earn a Master’s degree in Korea, depending on the program and university.


Writing a study plan for Master degree is important because it helps you reduce studying stress by providing you with enough time to rest and assimilate. It allows you to see how you spend your time, and ensures that you are setting aside enough time outside of class to complete homework assignments, study for tests, review and retain the information you are learning.


Here is a book I personally recommend you use to manage your time as a student and help maximize your academic performance.

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