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Lester B Pearson International Scholarship 2023-24 – Apply Now


As an International student seeking a fully funded scholarship, you don’t want to miss out on the Lester B Pearson International Scholarship. This is a good opportunity to study abroad in one of the most reputable Universities in the world.

One of the best places to study abroad as an international student is in Ontario, Toronto, located within the Southeastern region of Canada. The city is the most populous in Canada and also the center of finance, multiculturalism and commercial affairs.


The Lester B Pearson Scholarship is offering an opportunity to foreign students to study for free at the University of Toronto. Brilliant students from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Antarctica are welcome to study at the University. This is a chance to study at one of the world’s best universities!

About The University of Toronto

The U of T, which is considered as the largest University in Canada, was founded in 1827. It is widely known as a global leader in research and teaching.

The University has been recognized as one of the best Universities in the world, with an institutional record of groundbreaking scholarship and wealth of innovative academic opportunities. Graduates from this prestigious university are considered one of the most employable in the world.

The University of Toronto’s reputation attracts students from 170 countries and regions, with over 10,000 teachers. The school has established 44 libraries, making it the third-largest library system in North America. It produces more research than any other institution, and more than 500,000 alumni can be found across the globe.

Students in The University of Toronto participates in different varieties of intellectual activities such as sports competition, clubs, etc. Professors of this prestigious institution are highly rated scholars from different part of the world.

As at 2020, the school had 15,111 faculties, 9,979 staff members and 163 librarians. Then during the fall 2021-22, it recorded 17,218 new full-time students. Most of the students were from various countries such as China, India, United States, Korea (South), Hong Kong, Taiwan, Iran, Turkey, Japan, Pakistan.

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School Campuses

The University of Toronto accommodates its students in 3 campuses: St. George Campus, Scarborough Campus, and Mississauga Campus. Totaling to thousands of students per campus.

St. George Campus


This campus, located downtown Toronto, can accommodate 5,943 students in its 11 residences in 2021-22.

Scarborough Campus

The Scarborough campus can accommodate 814 students in residence in 2021-22.

Mississauga Campus

The Mississauga campus can accommodate 1,357 students in residence in 2021-22.


Operating budget

$3.12 billion is the approved operating budget for The University of Toronto for 2021-22 school year.

Why should you Study in Toronto?

The city of Toronto is one of the safest cities in the world and one of the best places to reside. The city attracts world-class business professionals, cultural enthusiast, and quality education.

Every year, the city hosts more than 30 major festivals and cultural events. This promotes culture and unity of different tribes. Toronto also has the third-largest public transit system in North America with over 8000 hectares of park space.

A city like Toronto will expose international students to a different perspective of life and education.

What is Pearson Scholarship?

Lester B Pearson scholarship in Canada is an annual program hosted by the University of Toronto to provide opportunities for international students to study in one of the best Universities in the world.


The scholarship is focused on helping outstanding and intellectual students around the world to secure a quality education for free. Regardless of your nationality, the Pearson Scholarship is willing to support your educational dreams. Each year, over 37 students get awarded the Pearson scholarship.

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships will cover tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence support for four years. However, the scholarship emphasizes on the academic rating and contribution of the student in the community.

Who can apply for the Canada Scholarship?

The Lester B Pearson International Scholarship is open to all academically sound undergraduate students from any country in the world. Incoming freshmen students are qualified to apply for the scholarship.

Programs of Study

The University of Toronto offers a wide variety of programs. It has 700 undergraduate programs and 300 graduate programs in;

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Commerce & Management
  • Physical & Mathematical Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Music
  • Architecture
  • Kinesiology & Physical Education.

International students can choose any of the accredited programs in the institution.


Lester B Pearson Scholarship Requirements

  1. You must be an international student.
  2. Applicants must be in their final high school year of study or recently graduated, not earlier than June 2022.
  3. You must commence your study at The University of Toronto in September 2022. (Students already in a post-secondary institution or awaiting admission in January 2023 are not qualified).
  4. Applicants must be nominated by their host school. (Seek your school counselor for nomination).
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How to apply for the Lester B Pearson International Scholarship

Interested students must have been nominated by their high school before proceeding to their scholarship application. The Lester B Pearson Scholarship is quite competitive, Applicants are expected to prepare adequately with necessary documents before commencement of application.

  1. Receive a nomination from your secondary/ high school.
  2. Apply to study at The University of Toronto to commence in 2023.
  3. Complete your application to study in U of T before the stipulated deadlines.
  4. After you have successfully been nominated and applied to U of T, you can proceed your Lester B Pearson Scholarship application online.

Important notice: Pearson Scholarship recipients can only be nominated by their current secondary school through the U of T online process. Candidates are advised not to pay any third party with the hope of getting selected for the award. The Lester B Pearson scholarship is not affiliated with agencies or educational “agents” under the disguise of offering students the scholarship after paying a certain amount of money.

The Lester B Pearson scholarship is available only to undergraduate degree applicants.

Benefits of Lester B Pearson Scholarship

  • Full tuition fees for duration of program (4-years maximum).
  • Free accommodation for four years.
  • Books allowance.
  • Free medical support.

Past winners of the Lester B Person International Scholarship

The Pearson Scholarship updates it’s awarded scholars annually on their website. The scholarship proofs equality, and it’s open to students across the globe.

Here are Past winners of the 2021 scholarship.

  • Rebeca Alarcón from Lima, Peru.
  • Zahra Akil Allidina from India.
  • Jonathan Divine from Uganda.
  • Diego Arreola Fernández from Mexico.
  • Karen Susana Barrientos from Guatemala.
  • Selen Bayram from Turkey.
  • Valentina Elena Mercedes Bravo Quispe from Peru.
  • Chenika Catherin Bukes from Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Vimbainashe Chimhande from Zimbabwe.
  • Jaiditya Dev from India.
  • Harvey Donnelly from Ireland.
  • Oluwagbotemi Daniel Iseoluwa from Nigeria.
  • Benjamin Koshy Jacob from India. See full list here.

Lester B Pearson Scholarship 2022 deadlines

There are different stipulated deadlines for processing your Pearson Scholarship. Candidates are expected to complete their application process before any of the listed dates.

November 30, 2022: Student nomination
December 14, 2022: Student OUAC
January 16, 2023: Student scholarship application.

To commence your application process, Visit the University of Toronto Website here.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Address: 25 King’s College Circle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1A1.

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Frequently Asked Questions

37 students get awarded the Lester B Pearson Scholarship annually.

The first step in your application process is getting nominated by your high school. Once nominated, apply to study at The University of Toronto, then apply for the Lester B Pearson Scholarship.

Yes, however, you need to apply for a fully funded scholarship to study for free.

Required Study Abroad Documents for a Scholarship Student

It is important you have some documents kept close to you as they can be needed while pursuing an international Scholarship. These documents may be needed depending on the type of study abroad program.

Application form: this is your key to securing a scholarship. It is advisable you make copies of your completed application form.

Letter of recommendation: recommendation letter stands as a reference to you, from a reputable person in your community. Most scholarships request you provide a letter of recommendation from a religious leader, police or community Chief.

Motivation letter: this tells the scholarship committee how interested and ready you are for the scholarship award. You need to make a convincing letter on why you are the best man for the scholarship.

Study plan: this is a written guide by you to help assist your educational journey and prevent unnecessary distraction while studying. Without a study plan, you won’t be able to cope with the new system.

Application cover letter: it is just like a Resume or CV. An application cover letter introduces yourself to the scholarship committee while starting your interest for the scholarship.

Academic transcripts: this is a detailed academic result of a student or a copy of the original result. Your transcripts will consist of your entire school’s academic performance.

Medical records: a proper medical examination has to be carried out to ensure you are in a good condition to study abroad. Provide your medical document signed by the approved authorities.

Family financial statement: depending on the type of study abroad scholarships, you will be asked to provide a financial statement of your parent/guardian (at least 6 months ago). This document determines your financial need for the scholarship.

Proof of Citizenship: your identity is needed when applying for an international scholarship.

International passport: this is your ticket to outside your home country. Without this document, there is no way you can travel to your desired country to study.


The Lester B Pearson Scholarship program for international students has been a blessing to thousands of students. The University of Toronto is one of the best schools an international student can enjoy studying. Without Pearson scholarship, a lot of students won’t be able to afford the high tuition of the prestigious university.

Every undergraduate seeking a study abroad scholarship should not miss out on the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships at the University of Toronto.


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