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Zell Miller Fully Funded Scholarship | Application Process & Deadline 2022


In this blog post, you will be guided properly on how to apply for the Zell Miller Fully funded Scholarship. Before I proceed, if you are finding it difficult to write a scholarship application cover letter, do well to check my previous blog post here.

What is the Zell Miller Scholarship?

This scholarship is a merit-based award reserved for residents of Georgia pursuing a certificate or diploma. Unlike other financial grants, this particular program is stricter with its academic requirements.


Unfortunately, the opportunity is only granted to residents of Georgia. However, interested candidates who are not residents of the state can consider migrating to the state, once qualified for application.

Requirements for Application

  1. Each candidate must graduate from high school with a minimum of 3.70 grade point average (as calculated by GSFC), combined with a minimum SAT score of 1200 on the math and reading portions or a minimum composite ACT score of 26 in a single national test administration.
  2. Each candidate must also maintain a minimum 3.30 cumulative postsecondary grade point average to remain eligible for the scholarship. Eligible students are provided a higher level of tuition assistance while pursuing an undergraduate degree at a the eligible college or university in Georgia.

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Note: A student is ineligible to receive Zell Miller Scholarship funds once the student has reached the 127 semester or 190 quarter-hour limit. However, Eligible students are provided full standard tuition assistance while enrolled at a Miller Grant eligible college or university in Georgia.

How to Apply for Zell Miller Scholarship

  1. Ensure you have reviewed the academic requirements and basic eligibility as read in the previous sections. Once you are considered qualified to apply, continue with step 2.
  2. Create an account at Georgia Student Finance Commission and complete the online Georgia Student Finance Application (GSFAPP). Ensure you have included your Laker ID Number and indicated that you completed the GSFAPP. The GSFAPP remains valid for 10 years.
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Scholarship Deadline

The application deadline is either on the last day of the school term or on a student’s withdrawal date. However, any of these days that comes first is considered the deadline for entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get Zell Miller while in college?

Unfortunately not. You must be a Freshmen to be eligible. Exceptions are made for current beneficiaries who got their scholarships withdrawn for not complying with the award terms. Such students are liable to get back their merit award but on certain conditions.

What percentage of students get selected?

About 5.5% of applicants become beneficiaries. Although, some students have gotten their scholarship terminated for not keeping up with the required GPA.

Recommendation: Endeavor to Submit the annual GSFAPP as early as possible; the earlier you apply, the higher chances your college determines your eligibility and awards.

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