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$22,000 Goodnight Scholarship (Fully Funded) – Apply Now


Students studying/interested in studying any of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields are invited to apply for a fully funded scholarship opportunity in North Carolina (NC) State University under Goodnight Scholarship program. This scholarship opportunity is of two categories: Goodnight Scholarship for Transfer students and Goodnight Scholarship for First-year Students.

Transfer scholars are placed on a fully funded scholarship for 3 years while First-year students are placed on a fully-funded scholarship for 4 years. Both financial aid categories are valued at $22,000 annually throughout the duration of study.


To consider yourself eligible for application, read through this entire blog post for a comprehensive guide on how to apply and possibly win this year’s scholarship program.

About Goodnight Scholars Program

The Goodnight Scholarship program is an annual program aiming to help sponsor thousands of students through NC State University. This scholarship program is divided into two parts. Scholarship for First-year students, and scholarship for Transfer students.

The GN First-year scholarship was established in 2008, while the Transfer scholarship was established in 2017. Both programs are funded by NC State alumni Jim Goodnight ‘65 and Ann Goodnight ‘68.

These scholarships award up to 100 students each year. Awarded students are not only given a full sponsorship but also comprehensive student development programs designed to develop them into leaders within the STEM and STEM-education fields.

Quick Facts

  • More than 300 current Goodnight scholars
  • 96% graduation rate since 2012
  • Hundreds of Goodnight alumni across the globe
  • More than 6900 staffs at NC State University
  • Top 1% of universities worldwide (Center for World University Rankings).

Scholarship Duration

First-year students are entitled to a fully funded scholarship for 4 years in any STEM major of their choice, one the condition that they keep to the policies of becoming a Goodnight scholar. Transfer students however are placed on a 3-year scholarship opportunity. Both categories of scholarship have similar benefits, except for the duration of study.

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Scholarship Eligibility

  1. Applicant must be a resident of North Carolina, and willing to graduate schooling in the state.
  2. Must possess an Adjusted Gross Income of $120,000 or less.
  3. You must be interested in offering a major in STEM or STEM education (Download and view all available courses for STEM).
  4. Applicant must possess an associate degree from a North Carolina Community College (for Transfer Students Only).

How to Apply for Goodnight Scholarship

Interested, and qualified students are expected to apply to NC State by the Early Action Deadline. Then to receive an invite from NC, applicants are required to nominate themselves for the NC state scholarship.

The self nomination form opens November 1 (for First-year students), and February 15 (for Transfer students). This form also allows students to share unique academic and/or financial circumstances that they feel may cause them to be overlooked for an invitation to apply.

Bear in mind that self nomination does not guarantee an invitation to apply, nor is it required to receive an invitation to apply. The self nomination form opens for one month. It closes on December 1 (for First-year students), and March 28 (for Transfer students).


Goodnight Scholarship Essay

In most instances, applicants are given a test to write a scholarship essay, as it is one of the criteria for becoming a Goodnight scholar. This scholarship essay is a way of informing the Goodnight selection committee why you deserve the opportunity.

Start by giving the committee an insight about you by sharing your personal background, academic achievements, your role(s) in the community, extracurricular activities and more. Also disclose ways the scholarship is going to help shape your future and what you intend to do after graduation. Since you are studying in a STEM field, outline ways you are going to solve a particular problem in the society after your program completion.

Selection Process

In Mid December, invitations are distributed to invited students only. The selection of Goodnight scholars will strictly be based on student’s academic achievement, extracurricular and community involvement and understanding of the role STEM fields play in addressing key societal and global issues.

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Applications will be due mid-January and will be reviewed by a committee of NC State faculty, staff, alumni, and campus partners.

Scholarship Finalists

The top 100 students selected by Goodnight Scholars Program professional staff will be invited for a finalist interview in early March 2024. Finalist who wish to become a Goodnight scholar must participate in the interview as it is the last stage of selection.


In early March 2024, the selection committee will meet and select the recipients and alternates for the class of 2028. All selected students have until April 2024, to accept their award.

While for Transfer students, the selection of recipients happens in early May. Selected students have until May 5, 2024 to accept the scholarship offer. Ensure you frequently check the email address you used for registration for a feedback from NC State University.

Benefits of Becoming a Goodnight Scholar

  1. $22,000 annually throughout your duration of study
  2. Comprehensive student development programs
  3. Unlimited access to materials and resources for optimal learning, and more.

Goodnight Scholarship Deadline

For First-year students, applications are received annually from November, and closes in December. While for Transfer students, applications are usually received from February, and closes in late March.

Scholarship Link

Contact Information

For further inquiries and information about Goodnight financial program, do not hesitate to reach out using the following details:


203 Peele Hall
Campus Box 7529
Raleigh, NC 27695-7529
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 919.515.7485


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Quick summary on the entire application process

  • Pick/select a course in STEM field
  • Ensure you are a resident of North Carolina and willing to school in the state
  • Commence your application to NC State University early, either as a First-year or Transfer student.
  • Make sure your AGI is not more than $120,000
  • Nominate yourself to secure a chance of getting an invitation. Self nomination form opens for one month.
  • Write a winning scholarship essay (reference here for easy guide)
  • If invited by NC, keep track with your application progress
  • Ensure you attend the finalist interview and accept your award if selected
  • Keep up with the scholarship policies to retain your award, and say Goodnight to Student Debt with the Goodnight Scholarship!
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