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Islamic University of Madinah Scholarship 2023 – Apply Now


The Islamic University of Madinah is granting local and international students the opportunity to study any program in the University for free. The university has started its online Scholarship program, where students from anywhere in the world are given a Fully funded scholarship to study in Saudi Arabia.

Madinah University Scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarship for Male Undergraduate and Master’s students seeking to further their education in Saudi Arabia. This scholarship covers your flight ticket, accommodation, monthly allowance, proper health services and more.


About The Islamic University Of Madinah

The Islamic University of Madinah (IU) was founded in 1961 by the government of Saudi Arabia, which is located at the Islamic holy city of Medina. The university was established only for male students around the world. It is notable to be built on the Islam ideology, however, the institution has grown to practice both religious and scientific programs.

In more than 61 years of establishment, the University has enrolled more than 22,000 students. Some of these students have graduated to become Salafi-inclined theologians around the world, amongst other noteworthy professions.

While IU is strictly for males, the opportunity to study for free is inevitable to male students around the world. It ensures students acquire high quality education at the expense of little or nothing.

Students enrolled at the Islamic University of Madinah may study Sharia, Qur’an, Usul al-din and Hadith, while non-native speakers may also study Arabic language. The university also offers Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in fields of Engineering, Science and Arts.

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Madinah University Acceptance Rate

The University of Madinah which is ranked #800 prominent Universities in the world has an acceptance rate of 34%. While it seems somewhat difficult to secure admission, the institution has one of the best educational standards in the world.

University Fees

On average, the University of Madinah tuition cost SR 91450, while the average living cost SR 20800. All things considered, applying for scholarship would save you a lot of educational expenses as an international student.

Why you should study in Saudi Arabia

If you are an international student, and you seek to study in a peaceful country, then Saudi Arabia should be your first thought.

Saudi Arabia is considered as a safe country with low crime rates, especially against foreigners. Since it is a religious country, there are some practices that are prohibited and punishable by law. However, international students are given an opportunity to enjoy the attraction of the country. They also get enough hospitality, aside to a good education.


Studying in Saudi Arabia gives you leverage to work in the country after graduation. Graduates can secure employment in the country’s top industries such as engineering, manufacturing, construction, IT, finance and banking.

Who can apply for Madinah University Scholarship

The Islamic University of Madinah (IU) is open to Undergraduate and Master’s students (Males only) from any part of the world. It is a religious institution, so students who practice Islam have an opportunity to study abroad for free. IU is a Bachelor of Science Scholarship Program which offers several disciplines (Physics/ Mathematics/ Chemistry) to study in Saudi Arabia.

Duration of Study

The duration of study at IU varies with your chosen field. Students enrolled in the engineering field will undergo a 5-year degree program. However, students in Science and other faculties will undergo a 4-year program in their respective courses.

Islamic University of Madinah Courses

International students can choose any of the listed courses for their undergraduate programs at IU.

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Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering (Duration of Study: 5 years)

Faculty of Computer

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Information Systems (Duration of study: 5 years)

Faculty of Science

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry (Duration of study: 4 years)

Faculty of Religious studies/Others

  • Shariah (Islamic Law)
  • Creed and Religions
  • Noble Quran and Islamic Studies
  • Noble Hadith and Islamic Studies
  • Arabic Language
  • Law Systems (Duration of study: 4 years)

University of Madinah Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To be considered fully eligible for IU Scholarship, you must pass the following criterion.

  • Applicant must be a Muslim male and of good behavior.
  • You must be medically fit.
  • The applicant must pass tests and interviews.
  • You must pledge to obey the rules and regulations of the school.
  • The applicant must be between 17-25 years old at the time of enrollment.
  • You must be willing to study a full-time program.
  • Applicant must possess a high school certificate issued by the government, or a recognized private institution.
  • You must have a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or its equivalent, from inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Applicant secondary school certificate should be no more than 5 years after awarded.
  • You must be willing to abide by any other condition as stipulated by the school.

Required Documents for IU Scholarship

  1. Secondary school GCSE/A-level Transcript
  2. Secondary school GCSE/A-level Certificate
  3. Certificate of Birth
  4. Passport Photographs
  5. Identity card (where applicable).

How to apply for Islamic University of Madinah Scholarship

Eligible students are to apply following the guidelines below.

  • Scan all your original documents (black and white documents not acceptable).
  • All documents should be in Arabic or English language.
  • Provided the applicant has been given admission, such student must bring original documents attested by the Saudi Embassy. Alternatively, the student can bring documents attested by an authority recognized by the university if there are no Saudi Embassies in his country.
  • Ensure all your documents possess your correct personal information. If there is any error on your document such as misspelled name, age, etc. Applicant must rectify the issue with the appropriate authority in his country. Be advised that all documents submitted to Madinah University cannot be corrected.
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Online Application: Proceed to the Islamic University of Madinah website to commence.

Benefits of Madinah University Scholarship

  • All expense paid travel fees upon admission. Students are also entitled to a free ticket at the end of each academic year (terms and conditions apply).
  • Monthly allowance
  • Additional allowance to students who achieve the grade of excellence
  • Free accommodation for single students (not married)
  • Partially free food at the University restaurant (little monthly token to be paid).
  • Free medical healthcare services
  • Free transportation to and from the Prophet’s Mosque, as well as regular organized ‘Umrah (lesser pilgrimage) trips.
  • Sporting activities available for students.

Islamic University of Madinah Scholarship 2023 Deadline

The deadline to apply for Bachelors Scholarships in IU Saudi Arabia 2022-23 for International Students is on 4th of December.

IU Contact info

Official Website
Telephone: 920022042
Email: [email protected]


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The Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia is giving Undergraduate and Master’s students an opportunity to study for free. This scholarship is to promote basic science study between Muslim youth. Those who are interested in studying Physics, Mathematics, chemistry are welcome to apply. Take advantage of this opportunity.

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  1. Website for online application is showing
    “Registration not open”
    So when will the registration open for bachelor (international students)?

    1. Kindly retry the link. Applications are ongoing and will close on 4th December. If you still experience issues with registration, contact the university with the provided information on this blog post.

  2. I am interested in studying in the university in medina but I don’t know how to apply for the scholarship

  3. sir system is showing that registration is not open
    I want to ask that how can I put application ?
    I see no option for to apply , like no form is available
    and guide me too that how much time this whole process may take?

    1. Kindly contact the university via email or phone for further assistance. You can use the contact info provided on this blog post.

  4. I have applied for Islamic University of madinah but in Applicant page there is written that “Registration is not Open”. So plz help me and tell about date of opening registration and I have translated all my documents in arabic. My passport is also ready. And I am interested candidate for Civil engineering. And I want to spot my family in holy place of madinah.

      1. Can you tell me the email of Islamic university of madinah. I know only about the portal system email i.e. IU E-Services. And this email is showing registration not open. So, plz tell me about any other email or phone for further assistance.

  5. During apply process there is written in attachment that ”High School Certificate”. So High School means class 10 certificate or class 12. I am from Nepal and in Nepal High School Certificate stands for class 10 it is also call SEE( Secondary Education Examination) and Class 12 is called SLC( School Leaving Certificate). So , plz help me in it. Either I have to attach 10 certificate or 12 certificate in place of High School Certificate.

    1. Hello Numan,

      You are required to provide your General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). If you consider your SEE and SLC the highest secondary examination certificate in Nepal, then attach both copies during your application.

      You can as well, contact IU of Madinah for clarification.

      1. Assalam o alikom bro how are you .?
        I have complete documents as well as I have done ielts with 6 bands overall but I have one year gap I’m eligible for this scholarship or not ?
        Second question is that is this scholarship is true or not ?
        Now apply for this opportunity is start or not .??
        Thanks in advance for answering me 🙂😉

  6. Assalam o alikom bro how are you .?
    I have complete documents as well as I have done ielts with 6 bands overall but I have one year gap I’m eligible for this scholarship or not ?
    Second question is that is this scholarship is true or not ?
    Now apply for this opportunity is start or not .??
    Thanks in advance for answering me 🙂😉

    1. Hello Khan,

      The IU scholarship is authentic and it is awarded annually. Since you have all your documents ready, you can begin preparation to apply or you wait for the next academic session.

      I hope this answers your question.

  7. I have transcript of class 12 and I have clicked the photo of migration certificate(Higher secondary certificate) and started to study BEd Math in Campus and in campus they have taken my migration certificate and said that if you want this certificate you can have same certificate before six months and after six months you will get new certificate. I have also questioned them it will matter or not while going to study Bachelor course in foreign and they said it will not matter and by the help of photo and pdf of migration certificate I can fill up the application form of Islamic university of madinah but after six months I will get new migration certificate So I would like to ask you sir that It will cause any problem ahead in application process or not. I have joined their to continue my study and to not waste a year. Plzz help me Sir

    1. Hello Numan,

      Have you contacted IU of Madinah?

      I am limited to give you the required answer. I strongly suggest you contact IU for proper assistance.

  8. do the univesity offer international relation studies as a fild to international student.

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