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Be Bold Scholarship – Are You Bold Enough to Win $25,000?


The Be Bold Scholarship is here again and this time, the boldest student gets a $25,000 scholarship award. This sounds interesting, right? Definitely!

This scholarship program is considered one of the most easy-to-apply scholarships. The reason is because, you don’t need to write a scholarship essay, recommendation letter, Resume, study plan, etc.


Be Bold is for students with the boldest profile on the website. It takes less than 5 minutes to apply for the scholarship. However, there are some tips and application processes to follow in order to increase your chances of being awarded. Keep reading for proper understanding.

About Scholarship

The Be Bold Scholarship (no essay scholarship) was established by an online scholarship platform known as This platform carries out philanthropic duties by ensuring students don’t get into debts or loans. The scholarship organization created a means of fighting students loan by offering scholarships, grants, and fellowships to offset the cost of a college education.

Every year, the organization awards one lucky student a $25,000 scholarship award to further their education. Applications for the scholarship are done online, and it is quick and easy.

Another cool feature about this scholarship is that the deadlines are every month. This means, students can apply monthly as long as they don’t submit their application after the month’s deadline.

Scholarship Sponsors allows individuals, businesses and other corporations to support the program. It accepts donation from any individual or source. To be among the contributors, simply visit to make donations.

Who can apply for this Scholarship

One interesting feature about the Be Bold Scholarship is that students of any level, field of study, and school are eligible to apply. This means a high school student, undergraduate, graduate and even doctoral students can apply. It also doesn’t have any age limitation, or GPA requirements. Provided you are a student, just be bold enough to win the scholarship.

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Be Bold” Scholarship Requirements

Being a student is the major requirement for this scholarship. Once you can identify as a student, either schooling in the United States or beyond, you are eligible to apply. During the Be Bold Scholarship application, you will be required to provide the following information.

  1. Your personal information: this includes your name, date of birth, home address, family income, citizenship and other basic data about your existence.
  2. School: you will be asked the name of your current school, level of study, field of study, year of graduation and desired course of study.
  3. Work experience: this option isn’t compulsory, but if you have worked in any institution as a student, then you can fill it in.
  4. Other information.

Selection Criteria has specific selection criteria which they use to evaluate the boldest student for the award. It is advised you keep to these selection criteria to stand a chance of winning. According to, being bold means:

  • Earnest
  • Determined
  • Moving.

The scholarship will be awarded to the student whose profile is most bold, according to these characteristics. Scholarship Winners

Names of recipients of this financial program are publicized on the scholarship platform. This is to show its authenticity as well as honoring the donors for the opportunity. Students, irrespective of your level of study, can be a winner of this scholarship.

Bold Scholarship login

To log in or create a Bold profile, visit website. Correctly fill in your personal information then you are set for application.

Apply under 2 minutes: Scholarship Link

Scholarship Worth

The scholarship is worth $25,000. Recipient gets the money paid directly to his/her academic institution.


Be bold Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for scholarships are usually the last day of every month. Interested students are to apply as early as possible in a new month.

Is Scholarship Legit?

There have been numerous speculations that Be Bold Scholarship is fake. From our review, the scholarship is looks real, but because of the high entries, it is somewhat impossible to get. This means, the majority of applicants will not win the scholarship. This is why you have to keep trying every month till you get awarded.

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Application Tips for the No Essay Scholarship

To be honest, the competition for this scholarship is high. Hundreds of students are in the race with you to win the $25,000 award. This makes it tough and nearly impossible. Which is why you must have a plan or strategy to stand out.

Here are some tips to boost your application and Bold points. However, applying these tips does not guarantee you would win the scholarship. It is just a practice believed to work.

1. Apply early


Early application gives you a good head start and also some favoritism over others. When you apply early, the scholarship committee will review your application before the late applicants. This can easily keep your profile on the top list, which gives it more attention.

2. Create a Unique profile

Since is more intentional about the student’s profile, it is reasonable for you to create a profile that stands out. The standing out here doesn’t mean you should create a fake profile or submit fake information in order to tweak your application. Your profile could be like others with a little spicing to make it unique.

3. Display your determination

Every scholarship select students they believe are the best choice for the award. This tells you that your determination for the scholarship should be displayed. The scholarship committee are not mind readers, so if you don’t illustrate your determination on your Bold profile, then pray extra hard for your luck to shine.


4. Boost your Bold Points

You get bold points during application by answering questions, learning about available financial resources for students, and referring friends to These bold points increase your chances of ranking higher than others and also gives you access to additional scholarship opportunities.

5. Invite your friends to nominate you

Give your friends good reasons why you deserve the Be Bold Scholarship. If you keep a good circle of friends, then you can get a nomination from them. The higher your nomination from your friends, families and colleagues, the higher your chances of being selected, and the higher your Bold points. However, this is not a guaranteed way of winning the scholarship. Remember, your profile must be bold and worthy enough.

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6. Don’t stop trying has made it possible for students to apply monthly and get awarded. This gives you an opportunity to try as many times as possible in a year. So if you don’t get selected this month, apply again next month. Keep trying till you win. Giving up is not an option.


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