How to write academic achievements in a scholarship essay

How to Write Academic Achievements in a Scholarship Essay


Writing your academic achievements in a scholarship essay is sometimes confusing. Some students get stranded when they are asked to write about their academic achievements. They don’t know how to, or what accomplishments they have achieved since their school years.

Every student has an achievement. However, some feel they don’t. Your academic achievements don’t necessarily mean something memorable. It can be things you’ve done that you may deem as “achievements.”


Have you helped your colleague pass an exam? Did you find a way to get through a major academic struggle through hardship? Have you used your knowledge to solve a community problem? These few things are also achievements.

It is very important you include your educational achievements in your essay, especially when you are instructed to do so, or applying for a scholarship.

What is an Academic Achievement?

Academic achievement simply means your overall performance in respect to intellectual activities acquired in a school, college or university. It is also defined as any identifiable success in the areas of scholarship or disciplined study.

Achievements show your improvements, weaknesses and future expectations. A student’s academic achievements shows proof of possible expectations of that scholar in the nearest future.

Most times, Scholarship organizations require you to write about your school achievements because they want convincing reasons for investing in your studies.

Examples of Academic Achievements


If you have ever won a scholarship, consider it as an academic achievement. You can include any grant or bursary you have won during the course of your study. It could be a college scholarship, or even a vocational training scholarship. These are achievements you earned relating with education. However, if you haven’t received a scholarship, you can leave out this as an option.

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Awards won during school activities


This is very important. List out the awards you have received during your entire school life. It could be an award for the best outstanding student, most creative student, most outspoken student etc. It could even be the most beautiful student on campus. Either way, these achievements should be stated.

If you haven’t won any award in school, then you have to work on your personal development.

Volunteer related awards

These awards are usually as a result of your humanitarian works to the community. If you have ever used your abilities and knowledge gained from school to serve others freely, then consider yourself under this category.

Honor Roll


Getting an honor roll can boast your chances of winning a scholarship. If you earn an “A” in every class, it is an academic accomplishment. Your scholarship essay would be more endowed when you include your honor rolls.

It is not compulsory you possess all the aforementioned examples of academic achievements. However, the more accomplishments you have, the higher your chances of winning a scholarship.

How to describe your Academic Achievements

One of the best methods of describing your academic accomplishments is by story telling. Story telling keeps your reader’s glued to your essay. Once you can retain your reader’s attention, you are on the right path to winning the financial aid.

Begin by starting with your first achievement in school. It could be in your third grade or not. Tell your story of achievements from your first day at school. Flow with good comprehension till your current school level.

If you don’t have an achievement, you can state how hardworking you have been since school. Example, “While I always did my best in my academics, I was never necessarily awarded an achievement. What I did instead was… etc.”


Some Scholarship essays have a limited number of words. Mostly, these essays allow students to use a minimum of 300 words and maximum of 750 words. This means you are expected to go straight to the point. Writing a lengthy essay can easily bore your readers. Keep it brief and precise.

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List your School Accomplishments

While you tell your achievements in the form of a story, ensure it is listed out. For example, if you got three achievements in sixth grade, make a list of those achievements. Just ensure you don’t make a lengthy essay. Remember to maintain your story telling.

Academic Achievements for a Scholarship Essay Examples

I will be sharing with you some examples of how to write your educational achievements in an essay for the purpose of a scholarship. Depending on your qualifications, you can choose to implement/modify any of these examples.

Sample 1

When I was in elementary school, I found it difficult to exceed my teacher’s expectations. Growing up in a home where my parents worked full-time and spent little time at home made it even more difficult for me to get ahead in school. I passed an entire semester and almost flunked it for not getting the help I needed, but if I can be honest, my performance overcame it all. I managed where some of my classmates couldn’t, which was to finish school and not give up even when everything seemed against me.

Sample 2


I believe education is the key to success, and I try to connect my passion for education with my desire of helping others. As a result, I decided to be part of the “Help A Student (HAS)” program in school. The program helps freshmen to navigate around school easily. We assist students sort with all the resources they need to kick start high school.

Through this program, I have received 2 awards. My first award was given to me by the principal for being the most influential student on campus. My influence was able to help 100 freshmen get the opportunity to acquire a vocational skill. The second award was given to me by my Class supervisor for being the most vibrant student in class. I was also honored to be on the principal’s honor roll list after clearing my 9 subjects with A’s. I then become a student counselor before passing out of high school for college.

I believe that education should be a right not a privilege, and when I see that students are being denied the right of acquiring a college education, I feel the need to take action. Consequently, this is the major reason why I decided to be an active member of Help A Student.”


Your academic achievements are very important, especially when applying for a scholarship. Continually work on yourself to build up your achievements. The more accomplishments you possess, the higher your chances of getting a financial aid.

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However, academic achievements are also important when writing your resume/CV for a job application. If you don’t have any achievements, start working on your personal development. To make yourself an asset, you need to invest in your growth.

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