Financial Hardship Letter for Scholarship

How to Write a Financial Hardship Letter for Scholarship in 2022


When applying for a scholarship to your desired institution, it is important you write a financial hardship letter alongside your application letter for the scholarship. The reason is because, the financial hardship letter will give the scholarship selection committee better insight into the candidate’s financial situation.

After writing down your application cover letter which contains your personal information, the Financial Hardship letter will contain your family’s annual financial status (depending on the institution requirements).


What is a Financial Hardship Scholarship Letter?

A financial hardship letter is a letter written for a financial aid appeal either for a scholarship application, job etc. which addresses the financial situation of the applicant. The letter informs the creditor that you are struggling with your finances and it is beyond your control.

A scholarship financial letter increases the chances of being selected for the applied scholarship. When seeking for a scholarship, it is necessary to include your financial condition after successfully drafting your application letter.

Why is a Financial Hardship Letter for Scholarship is Important?

A financial hardship letter for scholarship is important because it gives the scholarship selection committee more reasons why you should be awarded the scholarship.

The idea behind scholarships is to help students that are not financially stable to have a proper education. This is why a financial hardship letter is significant. This letter tells the committee why you cannot further your education, by stating your financial challenges.

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How to Write a Financial Hardship Letter for Scholarship

Note that the purpose of a financial aid appeal letter is to request for help. That means it’s not a place for you to complain, or make a demand. You are basically required to state the reality of your financial condition. You should express your request politely and straightforward. Without making the scholarship selection committee feel pity on you. Remember, you are requesting for money.

Below are listed steps on how to write a financial aid appeal letter;

1. Be precise and straightforward when writing your application.

Make sure you go straight to the point after introduction. All details written on your appeal letter must be factual and not fiction. Don’t exaggerate your financial condition because you want your request to be accepted. This is likely to ruin the chances of getting the scholarship. Be honest and straightforward.

2. Avoid writing a touching/sentimental letter.

When writing your financial appeal letter, do not include your emotions. Don’t write how you feel or the traumas you have been through. This will only make the scholarship selection committee feel pity and sad over your condition. Avoid such, instead write a story that shows you really need financial assistance by giving them facts and documents backing your request. They want to hear what the situation is, what you are asking for, and how you aim to resolve the situation.


3. Write about the values you are going to offer if your request is granted.

Don’t act dependent on the financial aid, instead, state what you are going to offer and how you will assist in sorting your financial needs. Make the committee believe you are more than a liability. The plan is not for you to get out of paying your bills. Rather, it is about being realistic about your situation and how you aim to improve it.

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4. Provide evidence that you are truly in need of financial help.

After stating your financial condition in your letter, it is advisable to show proofs such as bank statement, medical records etc. Just make the scholarship committee believe what you have written.

5. Proofread your Letter

The scholarship selection committee will be more impressed with a formal, professional letter. The letter should not contain any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. This is important, so you don’t confuse the committee when they are reviewing your application.

Don’t just check for grammatical errors, check if your story makes sense, and it’s not based on fiction. Try to position yourself as the committee reviewing your application and make a quick judgement based on your letter.

Example of a Financial Hardship Letter for Scholarship

(Name of Candidate)
(Address of Candidate)
(City, State, Zip Code)


(Name of Head of Scholarship Selection Committee)
(Name of Scholarship)
(Address of Head of Committee)
(City, State, Zip Code)

RE: Financial hardship letter for scholarship

(Dear Name of Head of Committee:)

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about my present financial predicaments with the hope that it will further my chances of receiving a scholarship to complete my education at (Name of Institution).

When I was 11 years old, I lost my father to a ghastly accident on his way back from work. Ever since, my mother has been struggling hard to pay for my college education. Unfortunately, my mother was diagnosed of cancer and now undergoing Chemotherapy.

She receives worker compensation for her treatment, but is unable to continue to pay for my college tuition and books. I live at home with her.

I am hoping for a career as a Civil engineer and have received excellent grades so far in all of my courses. Attached to this letter is a copy of my transcripts for my first year.

My aim is to graduate in distinctions with a B.Engr in Civil engineering and help back the community. I believe this can be achievable with your support.

I have also enclosed my mother’s medical records and her bank statement for the past six months.

Thank you for honoring my letter. If you require any further information, I can be reached via (your email) or (your telephone number).

Yours Faithfully,

(Signature of Candidate)
(Name of Candidate)

List of Enclosures: Bank Statements, Medical Records, College Transcripts

Important things to be Included in a Financial Hardship Letter for Scholarship

1. Statement of Account/ W-2 tax form

When writing a financial hardship letter, it is advisable for the candidate to include their W-2 form or tax return depending on the type of hardship they have.
They may also want to include their bank statements for the past six months. It is important for the candidate to be truthful about his or her financial situation. Any misleading statements can be interpreted as fraud and could negatively affect their chances of getting the financial aid they seek.


2. Result transcript

Ensure your result transcript from college is embedded in your financial aid letter. This gives the committee confidence that you are intellectually capable to be given a scholarship.

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3. Medical records (if any)

Attach medical records if necessary. Just as you read from the sample letter. A medical record gives more facts about your financial situation. In cases where there are no medical records, just make sure you are being honest in your letter. Remember, don’t write based on emotions.


The concept of a financial hardship letter for scholarship is to ensure that applicants who are in serious need of financial assistance are granted scholarships. This letter screens out applicants who are financially stable and can afford their education.

Aside to writing a scholarship application letter, it is also important to write a financial hardship letter. I believe with this blog post, you should be able to confidently write a financial hardship letter for your desired scholarship.


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