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Easy Guide to Write a Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application


Most Scholarship bodies recommend applicants to write a well-written Motivation letter, free from grammatical errors. Some students (Undergraduates, Masters and PhD) find this difficult, because they actually don’t know what a motivation letter for a scholarship application should contain.

This blog post is going to teach you an easy Guide to write a scholarship motivation letter. After successfully reading this article, you need to take action by practicing with the key points given in this content. Remember, a perfect motivation letter increases your chances of getting a scholarship.


What is a Motivation letter?

A Motivation/motivational letter is a document written to describe your professional skills, stating reasons why you are a good fit for a scholarship or job proposal.

In a motivation letter for scholarship, you are expected to state convincing but factual reasons why you are fit for the scholarship award. You have to be precise and do not exaggerate when stating your reasons for applying for a course of study.

When applying for a scholarship, it is necessary to write a motivation letter alongside your application letter. The reason is because, the scholarship committee wants to be certain they are awarding the scholarship to an eligible applicant in need of financial assistance.

What is the Purpose of a Letter of Motivation?

A motivation/motivational letter tells the recipient, either an institution, committee, or an organization, that you are a perfect candidate for a certain position or offer.

In a motivation letter, you are not expected to repeat the information given in your Curriculum Vitae (CV). A letter of Motivation for scholarship should contain your professional skills, reasons why you chose the institution, why you chose a particular course of study and the values you will offer during and after your course of study.

Often times, students find it difficult to write a Motivation letter. This is because, they expect the letter to contain big vocabularies and grammars. You don’t need to Google or look up words in a dictionary, and your letter isn’t supposed to be perfect.

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A motivation letter for scholarship is expected to be brief, precise and proper use of good diction (simple words). As a student, you are expected to use words that you are conversant with. Don’t try to impress the scholarship committee by using big vocabularies.

Questions to answer before Writing a Motivation Letter

  1. What is the scholarship committee going to gain if you are offered the award?
  2. Are you having the proper mindset to study if offered the scholarship?
  3. Why did you choose the institution/country/course?
  4. What will you do after getting selected?

How to Write a Motivation Letter for Scholarship in 2022-2023

Since a motivation letter is written to the scholarship committee, it is logical to know the acceptable format for writing the letter.


As an undergraduate, Masters or PhD student, a motivation letter is essential when applying for a scholarship. But how do you write such a letter?

1. Be Organized

Before you begin to write down your motivation letter, gather all your necessary documents and information as required by the scholarship organization. After assembling every necessary documents, make copies (as instructed) then ensure you stay in top of the deadlines.

2. Always be honest in your writing

As a student, do NOT exaggerate when writing your motivational letter. Always be honest and straightforward. But in come cases, being honest is not enough. The committee might still find your points as exaggerating. This is when you show proofs. Don’t just write, attach proofs to your letter, this makes your information valid and more persuasive.

3. Brainstorm your ideas

Consider taking about 1 to 2 hours brainstorming ideas. Yes, have a brainstorming session because you want to be certain your letter is not just a regular motivation letter. Get to know whether you are well suited for the scholarship.

Ask yourself questions why you believe you are a good fit for the scholarship award. When done, outline ideas (solution to problems) that would help both you and the scholarship committee if offered the award.


4. Outline all your Accomplishments

After you have successfully brainstormed ideas, make a list of all your accomplishments. This should include your educational and work achievements (if any). Give the committee a reason why you are an asset to them. Don’t just be boring, list your achievements!

5. Write your Extracurricular Activities

The scholarship committee would also love to know if you do anything interesting aside your education. Listing out your extracurricular activities gives them an insight on the skills/talents you have. Don’t make this lengthy in your letter, as it isn’t compulsory but necessary.

6. Write down a minimum of three Accomplishments you are most proud of

Tell the scholarship committee that you are very proud of yourself. Give them a minimum of three (3) things you have achieved that added to your self development and community. Remember not to exaggerate in your letter. Show them prove if necessary.

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7. Be as Accurate as possible

When writing your motivational letter, be accurate. Don’t try to sugarcoat or make your letter very convincing. Give the scholarship committee a little doubt. Write down your letter in a precise manner that is easy to read.

8. Write down a Solution to a problem you encountered

Think of a problem you encountered and write down the strategies you undertook to overcome the problem. This gives a persuasive read to the scholarship committee/selection board. They would love to know if you are a problem solver or creator.


9. List your Career Goals

You have a reason for choosing your course of study, institution and country. Now is the time to tell the committee what you intend to do in future after completion of your program. Tell the scholarship committee/selection board the reason why their institution will tremendously help you in achieving your career goals.

10. Proofread

Always proofread your motivation letter for grammatical errors. It is advisable to give your friend or relative to help you do the proofreading. Little mistakes can confuse the selection committee reading your letter and this reduces your chances of being awarded as there are other applicants seeking for the opportunity.

Writing Format for a Scholarship Motivation letter

The general format for writing a motivation letter is almost the same as writing a formal or an informal letter. You start with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of the sections start a paragraph.

In some cases, write up to seven paragraphs, with each containing three sentences. Always ensure the details in your letter are factual and brief.

What NOT to include when Writing a Motivation Letter for Scholarship

  • Do not include your emotions

Do not try begging or claiming for the scholarship. This will ruin your chances of being selected. Don’t write with your emotions, the scholarship committee are not interested in your pains.

  • Avoid using big vocabularies

Using big vocabularies might ruin your chances of being selected for the scholarship. The committee is most likely to believe you did not write the motivational letter yourself. It is assumed you were assisted either by a person, search engine, or a dictionary. Always use words within your educational level.

  • Do not write in Slang Language

Using slang words when writing your motivation letter for scholarship would ruin your opportunity for getting selected by the committee. This is because, the letter is being addressed to High Officials of an Educational institute. It has to be written in a formal manner.

  • Avoid Grammatical errors
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Try to read and edit your motivation letter to reduce your grammatical errors. As mentioned earlier, give your letter to a friend, relative or your school teacher to help you proofread

Motivation letter for Scholarship Example

Motivation Letter for Undergraduate Scholarship:

2226 49th Avenue
Pond Inlet

The Scholarship Committee
116 St & 85 Ave, Edmonton,
AB T6G 2R3, Canada

Dear Sir/Ma,

My name is Johnson Davidson, and I am writing this letter to express my situation concerning the scholarship for my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering.

I have been struggling to enroll for an undergraduate program due to the unavailability of a sponsor. My father lost his life in an accident, and my mother is currently battling with a terminal illness.

I am applying for this scholarship because I believe I am eligible and can be resourceful to this prestigious university. I am endowed with a lot of capabilities that needs to be acknowledged by a reputable institution like yours.

During my days in High school, I was awarded as “The Most Outstanding Student.” I was able to achieve distinctions in all my science subjects. I also participated in the annual science competition and my school came in first position.

My aim is to get this scholarship for the purpose of helping people who are limited to resources and job opportunities. I want to explore my field so that I can provide job opportunities to people and also make life easier by leveraging technology.

I am not just a problem solver, but also a good sportsman and writer. Furthermore, I have published a novel that got recognized by New York Times and CDA Rocks. Granting me this scholarship opportunity will help fulfil my dreams and improve my reasoning capabilities.

At the end of my program in your prestigious University, I will execute a big and positive change that would make the institution soar higher. I believe that being a student in this University would not only empower my career development, but would give me the tools to utilize my full potentials.

I sincerely hope that my letter proves to you that I am a deserving candidate who will make the world a better place. This scholarship award will unlock the gate to a new journey in the world of Engineering.

(Name Surname)

Motivation letter for Master Scholarship

The motivation letter for a Master’s degree Scholarship is also similar with that of an Undergraduate Scholarship. The major difference is that you state your educational achievements up to the Master’s degree level and also work experiences.


A motivation letter for scholarship, if written comprehensively, increases the chances of being selected for a scholarship award. Always remember that motivation letters are usually accompanied by a scholarship application cover letter and a recommendation letter. In some institutions, a financial hardship letter might be required.


Ensure you take your time in drafting a motivation letter. In some international countries, applicants are expected to write a study plan guide. I recommend you read Time Management for Students, as it will provide you with everything you need to know to be a success and achieve your goal of managing your time as a student


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