KAIST University Scholarship

KAIST University Scholarship in South Korea (Fully Funded)


The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) University Scholarships is currently ongoing and accepting students to study in South Korea for Free.

The KAIST University Scholarship is strictly awarding international students in need of financial assistance with good academic records an opportunity to study an Undergraduate degree of any discipline in South Korea.


Why you should Study in South Korea?

Studying in South Korea will create a wide range of employment opportunities for you. The country is known to have one of the best educational system in the world. South Korea consistently ranks among the best-performing countries in the OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Universities in South Korean are known for creating highly skilled workforce, making the country one of the most highly educated in the world with a good percentage of educated people. The KAIST Scholarship is an excellent chance for international students to study in Asia.

About KAIST University

KAIST University was founded by the Korean government in 1971. It was considered as the country’s first public, research-oriented science and engineering institution.

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The University has 3 campuses, two of which are in Daejeon and one in Seoul. It also consists of 6 schools, 5 colleges and 38 departments.

KAIST University offers a fully funded scholarship for international students with the sole aim of supporting international students willing to further their Undergraduate studies in Korea. The KAIST also focuses on promoting research-oriented science and engineering.

Who can Apply for KAIST University Scholarship?

The KAIST Scholarship is open to international students all around the world. The scholarship is accepting students from countries with good diplomatic relations with the South Korea.

International Students from more than 95 countries are currently studying at KAIST University. The University also host other programs such as workshops, conference, exchange program etc.

KAIST Scholarship Requirements 2022

To become eligible for KAIST University Undergraduate Scholarship, below are the criteria for Undergraduate students.

  1. Applicants must be an international student.
  2. Applicants must have a good academic records and performance.
  3. The Applicants must not hold a dual citizenship.
  4. Each Applicant must have a high school degree from their respective home country’s institution.

Required Documents for KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship

  1. An Application form
  2. A letter of recommendation
  3. Means of identification (Passport or National ID Card).
  4. High school result transcript.
  5. Statement of Family’s financial account and tax return.
  6. Loss of Korean Nationality (for international students with Korean origin).

Other necessary Documents for Scholarship Application

  • A Study plan

Applicants are most times advised to write down an achievable study plan during the course of their program. Although study plan is widely common for Master’s program, it is also essential you have a written down study plan for your chosen program. Learn how to write a Study plan for scholarship.

  • Medical certificate

A government issued medical certificate is necessary in order to give the scholarship committee an insight on your medical status and condition. If the language written on the certificate is different, make a translated copy and submit alongside the original.

  • Financial Hardship Letter
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A financial hardship letters gives you more leverage in being selected by the scholarship committee. This letter is usually written to persuade the scholarship board by telling them how truly you need financial assistance (without begging or claiming worthy). Also include what you are willing to offer during and after your course of study. Learn how to write a financial Hardship letter for scholarship.

  • Motivation Letter

A motivation letter is necessary, as it tells the scholarship committee why you chose the course of study/institution/country. It is a letter written to motivate the scholarship committee that you are fit for the scholarship. When writing out a motivation/motivational letter, ensure you outline reasons why you are a good fit for the scholarship, alongside stating what you are willing to offer.

How to apply for KAIST University Scholarship

Interested applicants are expected to take the following procedures when applying for KAIST undergraduate scholarship.

  1. Applicants must read the application process guidelines before beginning application.
  2. Applicants are expected to Download the application form online from the KAIST Official website and fill appropriately.
  3. Once done filling the application form, applicants are required to pay an application fee.
  4. After the date, applicants are mandated to upload the all required documents and submit the application.

KAIST Scholarship Application Form

The KAIST University Scholarship form for Undergraduates can be downloaded from the KAIST Official website.

List of Undergraduate Programs offered in KAIST University

The KAIST University offers a wide range of programs for their students, such as Engineering, Technology, Life Science, Business etc.

College of Life Science and Bioengineering

  • Biological sciences

College of Natural Sciences

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematical science
  • Physics

College of Engineering

  • Chemical and biomolecular engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Industrial design
  • Civil and Environment engineering
  • Nuclear and Quantum engineering
  • Industrial and system engineering
  • Material science and engineering
  • Bio and brain engineering.
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College of Business

  • Business and Technology management.

Benefits of KAIST University Scholarship for Undergraduates

  1. Monthly Living expenses allowance of 350,000 KRW.
  2. Full tuition fee for 8 semesters.
  3. Medical health insurance.

Duration of Scholarship

The duration for KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship last for 4 years.

What NOT to do When Applying for KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Do not apply if you are a citizen of Korea
  • Avoid applying if contacted with HIV/AIDS or any transmittable infection.
  • Do not apply if you are not in need of financial assistance.
  • Do not apply for KAIST Scholarship with fake documents.

KAIST Scholarship Application Deadline

Late Application:

Begins 1st of March 2022 and ends 30th of May 2022.
Deadline for application and submission of documents ends 27th of May 2022.
Deadline for submission of Recommendation letter ends 30th of May 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions | KAIST

Unfortunately No. The application process for KAIST Scholarship is done and submitted online.

Yes you can, although it takes more time for KAIST Scholarship to verify your payment. It's best you make the payment online and before the deadline.

Unfortunately you have to wait for the next semester to reapply.

Yes, medical health insurance is covered for scholars.


KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship is an opportunity for international students like you, to secure a free education in South Korea. There are lots of advantages of studying overseas as it increases your learning capabilities.


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