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BigSun Scholarship for Young Athletes 2023 – Apply Now


The Big Sun Scholarship is an annual Scholarship program for athletic students. If you have engaged in a sports activity during high school, or you are currently enrolled in sporting activities, then BigSun is ready to support your education. Students who play football, basketball, tennis, rugby, race running and other sporting activities are eligible for this scholarship. The award amount is $500 to be used for college expenses.

As you read further, I’ll show you how to apply for BigSun Scholarship and every of its requirements for a successful application. However, if you consider yourself ineligible after reading, then check out other ongoing undergraduate scholarship programs.


About BigSun

The Big Sun is an Athletic Organization that is dedicated to providing support for young student athletes by ensuring they learn and excel academically and physically. The organization’s mission is to develop programs in all sports within the community in an effort to keep the younglings healthy, motivated and also to teach them the value of teamwork.

Why you should apply for The BigSun program

Applying for this scholarship saves you some college expenses. Big Sun is a program that would not just help you financially, but also ensure you are set to become great in the future. Aside to being academically brilliant, athletes are one of the most paid professions presently. If you believe you have the guts to excel in sports, then apply for this scholarship as a stepping stone to greatest.

Who can apply for Big Sun Scholarship

All student athletes are eligible for this scholarship regardless of the sport they are engaged in or the capacity in which they participate. However, the student must be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute.

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Programs to study

This Scholarship does not require your field of study nor the duration of your course. It is open to students who engage in sporting activities. Since BigSun is not fully funded, winner(s) will receive a one time payment from the organization.

BigSun Scholarship Eligibility

  • Applicant must be engaged in any sporting activity.
  • Must be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute.

How to apply for BigSun Scholarship

Interested and qualified students are mandated to apply for BigSun Scholarship program by following the steps below:

  1. Write a short essay (500 – 1000 words) answering the following questions.
    • How did your participation in sports during your high school years influence you?
    • Has your participation influenced your career goals?
    • Has your participation influenced how you relate to your family?
  2. Submit your written essay to BigSun via email to ([email protected]). Before submitting your application, make sure you include your name and the name of the school that you are attending. Scholarship Amount: $500 (non-renewable).

BigSun Scholarship Past winners

To prove the authenticity of this scholarship, The BigSun organization uploads names of their past winners alongside the school they are currently attending. Students who benefitted from this program are hosted on the organization website for reference and motivational purposes. Before you begin to have doubts about BigSun Scholarship, reference to their official website for clarification.

BigSun Scholarship 2023 Deadline

Application for this Scholarship closes on June 19, 2023. All interested students are expected to have submitted their applications before the stipulated date. Applications submitted after the deadline are considered void. Don’t worry, if you fail to apply this year, you can try again next year.

The winner(s) will be notified within 2 weeks of the deadline, and the name of the winner will be posted on the organization’s website at that time. Once selected as a winner, your award will be mailed within 2 weeks of the deadline.


Essay Writing Tips

Scholarship program with essay requirements are usually more competitive. The reason is because, your chances of winning the award depends majorly on your essay application. There are tons of other students struggling to get the scholarship slot, which makes it more competitive. However, to be able to write a winning scholarship essay, you must learn, research and practice often.

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Writing an essay is not difficult, but writing a winning essay requires a quite different approach. It is essential you know that you are in total control of your readers when writing your essay. You can decide to make them hooked on your essay or bore them out.

The good part about writing an essay is that you are free to use any means to approach your answers. In my experience, including realistic events has been an awesome strategy to write a winning essay. Luckily, BigSun Scholarship wants you to share your sporting experience with them. This means, your essay has to be real and entertaining.

Your introduction plays a vital role when writing your essay. If you can perfectly get the reader’s attention in two sentences, then you are a step ahead of your colleagues.

Scholarship essay remains one of the main factors to consider when applying for a financial aid program. Your language structure, brevity, and straightforwardness has to be implemented rightly when writing. Always put yourself in a position where you believe you are the most deserving student. God’s willing, your essay might just be selected.


Learning never ends, continue your path to writing a winning essay by reading our step-by-step essay writing guide.


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Engaging in sport activities has plenty of health benefits. It is good to keep yourself physically and mentally fit while battling to secure good grades in school. The BigSun organization is here to support and motivate young student athletes like you. Since the past 8 years, this program has awarded Scholarships to more than 13 students and still awarding. If you don’t win this year, try again next year! Take this opportunity, you could be $500 richer.

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