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Scholarships for KATS (Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society) – Apply Now


Are you an athletic trainer seeking a sponsorship? Do you believe you can create a positive impact and save lives by training athletes? If you consider yourself in this category, then you stand a chance to win the annual Scholarship for KATS award.

This blog post would provide you the necessary information you need to apply for the KATS Scholarship. If you consider yourself ineligible after reading, check out some recommended scholarship opportunities for you.


About Scholarship for KATS

Scholarship for KATS (Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society) is an annual program hosted to support student athlete trainers living and studying in Kansas.

The Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society (KATS) is considered as a professional organization for athletic trainers in Kansas. KATS has been educating the public about the importance of athletic trainers in relations to healthcare. The organization is enlightening and supporting active Kansans’ athlete trainers of all ages.

Since it’s establishment in 1980, KATS has been consistently supporting athletic trainers in Kansans through their programs. Each scholarship winner gets a non-renewable cash prize for sponsorship. KATS also provides social, educational, and advocacy opportunities for athletic trainers.

Aside sponsoring and supporting athletic trainers, KATS recognizes outstanding students. They issue an award to their best trainers every year.

The Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society is composed of highly skilled health care professionals who are nationally certified and state licensed to advance, encourage, and improve the profession of athletic training.


  • To provide quality healthcare to Kansans.
  • To create awareness of the profession of athletic training to the citizens of Kansas.
  • To promote sports health and safety.
  • To help create professional athletic trainers etc.
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What is Athletic Training?

Athletic training is a profession practiced by athletic trainers who are health care professionals in order to enhance and optimize the activities and participation of their clients/patients.

The training centers on the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities. To become an athletic trainer, you just have to complete a degree from an accredited athletic training curriculum.

Who can apply for the KATS Scholarship?

The KATS Scholarship is strictly for athletic trainers in Kansas, United States. The scholarship is available for all ages. Its major eligibility criteria is being enrolled in KATS and an athletic trainer.


Scholarship for KATS Eligibility Criteria

To apply for this scholarship, you must pass the following criterion:

  1. You must be enrolled in an athletic training school at the collegiate level in the state of Kansas.
  2. Applicant must be an active student member of KATS. If you have been a student member of the NATA you are automatically a KATS member).
  3. You must be passionate about athletic training and be willing to pursue the profession.
  4. Applicant must have a Cumulative and Major Grade Point Average (GPA) of “B” (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher.
  5. Your application must be endorsed by an athletic trainer who is in current good standing with the Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. (Note: an athletic trainer may endorse only one applicant per application cycle, however they can write letters of recommendation for more than one applicant.
  6. Upload an unofficial transcript (in PDF format) from the university/college you are studying.
  7. Submit a current resume alongside your application.
  8. Your files must be saved with your last name, criteria (ex. lastname_resume).
  9. Applicants must submit three (3) recommendation letters. One of the letters should be from the endorsing athletic trainer. The other two may be from individuals that are best able to judge qualifications and abilities (academic department head, team physician, professor, counselor, coach, etc.).
  10. Submit all necessary documents during application.
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How to apply for KATS Scholarship

Scholarship for KATS application is done online. To apply, you will be required to provide your contact information, educational background, membership, biographical sketch, endorsing athletic trainer, certification and recommendations.

To fill out your online form, visit the KATS website application form page to commence. Ensure you provide valid information and certification to avoid a void application. Once done, submit your recommendation letters.

When filling your online application, upload your documents in PDF formats. Provide an email address that is easily accessible to you. Write a detailed resume about yourself, and lastly, avoid late submission.

Benefits of The Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society (KATS) Scholarship

Scholarship for KATS offers a non-renewable $500 award to selected applicants. Winner(s) will receive a one-time payment from the organization.


Aside the cash benefits, KATS will also guide the student to become a professional athletic trainer.

Scholarship Selection Process

The winner(s) will be selected on a combination of academic achievement, character, athletic training abilities, desire to pursue a career in athletic training, and must be a current member of the KATS organization.

Awards will be issued to selected applicant(s) during the KATS annual meeting at the District V MAATA Annual Symposium. Award winner(s) must be physically present at the event to receive their prize, alongside a complimentary registration to the MAATA meeting.

Scholarship for KATS deadline

The scholarship ends on the 15th of February annually. Early application increases your chances of getting awarded. Winner(s) would get notified in March via the provided contact information.

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Tips to get Selected for KATS Scholarship

1. Submit your application early

Most scholarship programs review applications on a first come, first served basis. To increase your chances of getting selected, process your application on time.


2. Submit strong recommendation letters

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Your recommendation letters play a vital role in securing your scholarship. Most applicants don’t emphasize on getting a strong recommendation letter. When you get reference from reputable people, your application gets to stand out. The scholarship committee would be very certain that you are worth the investment because of a good referee.

Make sure you get a recommendation letter for KATS Scholarship from an endorsed/professional athletic trainer. If you don’t know any, seek help from people who do. Don’t relax then make up a weak letter, it won’t do you any good.

3. Write a detailed Resume

Your resume is another vital part of your application process. Make sure you provide a well detailed description about yourself, educational qualification, career qualification, hobbies, awards/recognition and most importantly references. Include references of people you have worked with, or benefitted in the past. This builds more trust to the scholarship committee and strengthens your application.

How to join Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society

The Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society are also recruiting interested students to enroll in any of their programs. Their programs are divided into three (3) categories. Each category has different requirements and dues to be paid.

1. Professional Non-NATA Members

To enroll in this category, you need a membership application to KATS alongside $20 for dues.

2. Out-of-State Athletic Trainers

To enroll in this category, you need a membership application to KATS alongside $20 for dues. This category is open to Athletic trainers outside Kansas.

3. Athletic Training Students

An application is required alongside $10 dues. Athletic training students are invited to join this category. The membership runs from 1st of August to 31st of July.

Note: If you have been a student member of the NATA, you are automatically a KATS member.


As an athlete trainer, this $500 scholarship will definitely help you boost your career profession and sort out some needs. The Kansas Athletic Trainers’ Society has made this opportunity possible. You don’t have to suffer the financial burdens all by yourself. Give scholarship for KATS a try, you might just get lucky.


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