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Family Empowerment Scholarship 2022-2023 – Apply Now


Over 7,000 students get admitted into the University of Florida. Out of these thousands of admitted college students, a good number are awarded the Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES).

Every year, FES give students a reason to achieve their career goals, by sponsoring their entire tuition and academic expenses.


To be a part of this scholarship, read through this blog post for every necessary detail about the program. If after reading, you don’t consider yourself eligible, check out some of our recommended undergraduate scholarships for you.

About FES Program

The Family Empowerment Scholarship program is an annual program hosted in conjunction with McKay Scholarship to help K-12 students get a quality education for free. The scholarship program is strictly for students in need of financial assistance.

Governor DeSantis, on May 11, 2021, signed a House Bill 7045 into law, resulting in several changes to the state’s K-12 scholarship programs, including an extensive expansion of the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program. This expansion made the scholarship program available for both able and disabled students.

Who can apply for Family Empowerment Scholarship?

The Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES) is open to all grades of students. Even a 3-year-old is considered eligible for the scholarship. Students with disabilities can also apply and get awarded to either a private or public school.

Program of Study

Students are not restricted to the types of Programs or duration for studying. You are allowed to study any course of your choice once enrolled in a K-12 school. Scholars can also choose to attend a public or a private school. You still get to be on the Family Empowerment Scholarship either way.

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Types of FES Programs

  • Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options.
  • Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities.

Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options

FES for Educational Options is based on family income and provides the option for K-12 students to attend a participating private school. Families of this category of students is expected to apply through one of the approved scholarship funding organizations (SFO). This organization is responsible for determining and distributing funding to private schools.

FES EO also offers a $750 Scholarship to families of eligible students as a means to support transportation to a public school different from the school to which the student was assigned. This option is valid IF the student decides to select a public school and there is need for transportation.

Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities

FES for Students with Unique Abilities was established to assist the families of students with disabilities. The scholarship will be made effective on July 1, 2022, in conjunction with the McKay Scholarship program. Students with disabilities from Kindergarten level are eligible for this scholarship program.


Families are given the option to either enroll their student in another public school, or receive a personal education savings account (ESA) for their student. By choosing ESA, families receive a deposit of public funds into government-authorized savings accounts with restricted, but multiple, uses.

The ESA is strictly used to fund the student’s educational expenses which are not limited to private school tuition, community college costs, private tutoring, online learning programs, higher education expenses, school materials, and other educational expenses.

To renew your FES UA, families are advised to apply annually through one of the approved SFOs. The SFOs will determine the student’s eligibility. Once you continue to pass the eligibility criterion, your award would be annually renewed.

Family Empowerment Scholarship Requirements

The requirements for FES differs depending on your chosen Scholarship program. Be sure you pass the eligibility criteria for either of the Scholarship program. Students are considered eligible if they meet one or more of the following Scholarship requirements.

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FES Educational Options

  1. The student is a military dependent.
  2. Family household income level does not exceed 375% of the federal poverty level.
  3. Applicant is a sibling of an eligible student.
  4. Student is 5 years of age by September 1st.

FES Unique Abilities

  1. Student is 3 years old or 4 years old by September 1st or is eligible to enroll in K-12.
  2. Applicant has a qualifying diagnosis from a physician or psychologist, or has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  3. The student was previously using the Gardiner Scholarship Program.

McKay Scholarship

The McKay Scholarship is collaborating with the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities. This program is strictly for students with disabilities. Families of such students are invited to apply for the scholarship through one of the approved SFOs.


Family Empowerment Scholarship renewal

Renewal for the FES is done annually. Parents of scholars are expected to apply for scholarship renewal each year to validate their scholarship duration.

To renew, simply apply through one of the approved Scholarship Funding Organizations (SFO). The SFO will check your eligibility status and distribute funds to eligible student accounts after approval. Always ensure to stick to the FES program guidelines to sustain your scholarship.

How to apply for Family Empowerment Scholarship

To apply for any of the FES programs, contact one of the following scholarship funding organizations (SFOs):

A.A.A. Scholarship Foundation- FL, LLC

Step Up For Students


Contact Information

P.O. Box 15719, Tampa, FL 33684
Phone/Fax: 888-707-2465
[email protected]
P.O. Box 54367
Jacksonville, FL 32245-4367
[email protected]

Family Empowerment Scholarship Login

Students who get awarded will be provided special login details to check their scholarship status and process renewals.

FES Deadline

Deadline for Family Empowerment Scholarship varies. Interested applicants are expected to visit the scholarship portal for more information and guidance.


Every student deserves a scholarship. Regardless of their origin, race, age or physical appearance. The Family Empowerment Scholarship program has created an avenue where even a physically challenged student can learn for free. Parents should give FES a chance to bear the educational burdens of their children.

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I believe each child is special. We just need to give them a good platform to express their ability. Don’t hesitate to apply for the Family Empowerment Scholarship program.


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