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Aker Scholarship 2023: For Norwegian Students


Aker Scholarship is seeking for academically strong students with the desire to contribute to the community. This program annually awards fully funded scholarships to students studying a Master’s or PhD degree at some of the world’s leading universities.

To participate for this scholarship, you must be a Norwegian, or have a strong link to Norway either by speaking Norwegian or have lived in Norway for several years.


For non-Norwegians, check out available Master’s/PhD Scholarship programs.

About Aker Program

Aker scholarship program was established to financially support graduate students all around the world. The scholarship focuses on students aiming to study at prestigious universities recognized worldwide.

This scholarship program is making it possible for scholars to have no reason for student loan during and after their study. Aker bursary will fund your education till you complete your degree. Scholars will have no need to acquire for a students loan or work to sort side expenses. According to Aker, this scholarship has no strings attached.

Aker is more than a financial support. This program will also assist you through the application process and provide follow up throughout your entire program. However, you must possess good academic records and be ready to help the community after completing your degree.

Scholarship Mission

It’s mission is to offer most qualified candidates strong link to Norway to pursue an advanced degree at one of the top universities in the world. This scholarship also supports the development of student’s social commitment.

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Scholarship Sponsors

Aker grants are sponsored by Anne Grete Eidsvig and Kjell Inge Røkke´s Foundation for Education. The scholarships are financed through gifts from TRG AS, a company owned by the Røkke family.

Eligible Universities

As earlier stated, Aker Scholarship is strictly for students studying in top world Universities. After you have been successfully selected for the Scholarship, below are Universities you are likely to study.

  • Caltech (The California Institute of Technology)
  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • Imperial College London
  • National University of Singapore (NUS).

Who can apply

Aker is looking for young talents dedicated to make a positive change in the world. Aside from being academically strong, you must also be ready to impact to the society. This scholarship is strictly for Norwegian Master’s/PhD students, OR students with strong connection with Norway. If you have lived in Norway for years and can speak Norwegian, you are considered eligible for this program.


Do you think Aker Scholarship is for You?

There are some opportunities that you might be considered eligible to apply, but do you think such opportunity is for you? If you can answer these 3 questions genuinely, then do not hesitate to apply for Aker Scholarship.

  1. Do you aim high and work persistently to reach your goals?
  2. Are you engaged in social issues?
  3. Would you like to make a positive impact to the benefit of others?

Programs to Study

Aker Scholarship runs for the duration of scholar’s study. Selected students will be entitled to a full sponsorship to study any program of their choice. Applicants are expected to apply to the scholarship before applying to the Universities.

Aker Scholarship Eligibility

Application for Aker scholarship is done online. However, there are specific requirements for Master’s and PhD students.

  • For Master’s students: submit an application letter, describing what you want to study and why.
  • For PhD students: submit a project description of what you want to immerse yourself in through the doctoral degree.
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Required Documents for Application

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Academic transcript showing grades and grading system
  3. Letter of recommendation
  4. References
  5. Other relevant documents.

You will be instructed to upload these documents or similar documents during application. Endeavor to upload the appropriate documents to aid a successful application.

Selection Process

There are different phases of selection. Due to the high competition, just the best applicant will be invited for an interview. The committee will then reach out to the applicant’s references.


Only selected applicants will receive a conditional offer of a scholarship, pending their admission to the university to which they applied. The scholarship award will be released immediately after recipients have been admitted into the university.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Full financial support throughout your degree.
  • Provision of guidance and orientation in relation to school and programs suitable for you.
  • Education from a world-leading university, with all the benefits accompanied by it.
  • Follow-up guidance on your application process to the university and all through your duration of study.
  • Development of student’s social commitment.

How to apply

Since application is done online, applicants will need to create an online profile for application on Aker website. Follow all instructions during the application process and frequently check for feedback after submitting your application form.

Scholarship link

Aker Scholars

Recipients of Aker scholarship are updated annually on Aker’s official website where they share their personal background, program of study, university, and career prospects to motivate incoming applicants.

Aker Scholarship Deadline

All entries for this Scholarship will end before September 18, 2023.


Contact info

[email protected]
+47 467 44 444
Oksenøyveien 10
N- 1366 Lysaker

Application Tips

  1. Apply for Aker before applying to a university. Ensure your chosen school is under the eligible institutions for Aker scholars.
  2. Your application for Aker should be done one year before you commence your program.
  3. Submit a compelling Curriculum Vitae (CV). If you don’t know how to write a CV, learn here.
  4. Obtain recommendation letters from reputable individuals in your community or country. Examples of recognized people are professors, supervisors, mentors, managers, and your employers.
  5. Submit original copies of the required documents.
  6. If selected, do not miss the interview and other follow-up activities.
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What are the chances of getting the Aker Scholarship?

The chances of getting the Aker Scholarship are relatively low. In 2022, there were over 1,000 applications for the scholarship, and only 20 students were awarded. However, if you’re a strong applicant with a good academic record and a compelling personal statement, you’ll definitely have a chance of being awarded the scholarship.


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Don’t give up on your quest for a scholarship. If you have gotten this far, know that there is an opportunity waiting for you. You just have to go for it.

Whether you believe Aker Scholarship is not suitable, or you are ineligible, don’t stress, there are more graduate scholarship opportunities. Keep applying, there is no harm in trying.

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