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ADNOC Scholarship 2023 Application for UAE Students


The ADNOC Scholarship is an annual financial aid program established to support UAE undergraduate and postgraduate students. This scholarship covers your full tuition, accommodation, travel, and even provides monthly living allowances to students.

It is considered one of the biggest scholarships offered in the United Arab Emirates because it is sponsored by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).


Students can choose any desired field to study such as engineering, artificial intelligence, law, geosciences, project management, data science, machine learning etc. Both undergraduates and graduate students can study any program, provided that it revolves around science, technology and engineering.

Recipients of this scholarship are allowed to study in the UAE or international universities accredited by ADNOC. Keep reading to find out ADNOC scholarship requirements, application process, benefits, deadline and more.

For non-UAE students, you can check out ongoing undergraduate and master’s program opportunities.


Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is a State-owned oil company of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was established in 1974 and is currently considered as the world’s 12th largest oil company by production.

ADNOC is widely known in the production of Crude oil, Oil products, Natural gas, and Petrochemicals in Abu Dhabi, making it the largest UAE oil company.

As a means of supporting the citizens, ADNOC created a scholarship program for students to pursue a professional degree. These students are also given an automatic slot to work at the organization after graduation.

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Every year, ADNOC awards scholarships to academically sound students of the UAE for an advanced education. It is a way the government invests in the young minds to ensure the economy keeps growing.

Scholarship Sponsors

ADNOC scholarship is hosted and funded by the government of the UAE.


Programs to Study

ADNOC scholarship has restrictions when it comes to major/fields of study. Since it is an Oil company, students interested in studying fields relating to technology, science and engineering are eligible to apply.

You must have received an acceptance letter from any of ADNOC’s accredited universities for one of the following majors.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Geoscience
  • Polymer Science
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Law
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Financial Engineering for Engineers
  • Automation in Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence.

Eligible Universities for ADNOC Scholarship

The countries with accredited universities by ADNOC are: UAE, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, U.K. and USA.

There are also certain universities in the listed countries that are accepted by ADNOC. In the UAE, the following universities are accepted: American University of Sharjah, INSEAD, Khalifa University, Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, UAE University, New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD).

For students enrolled in foreign countries, you can check if your institution and major qualifies. ADNOC approved universities.


Who can apply for this Scholarship

ADNOC is open to currently enrolled undergraduate and postgraduate graduate students in the United Arab Emirates. The organization is accepting students that have been successfully enrolled to study at an ADNOC approved university located in the UAE or abroad.

ADNOC Scholarship Eligibility

To be fully eligible for this scholarship, you must pass the requirements and submit all necessary documents during application.

For Undergraduates

  1. Applicant must have attended an accredited school recognized by the Ministry of Education (MoE); Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) or equivalent bodies.
  2. Must score at least 85% average from final high school examination to pursue scholarship in the UAE.
  3. Applicant must score at least 85% in science and mathematics.
  4. If you intend to study abroad, you must score at least 90% average for your final examinations.
  5. For British school system, applicants must possess a GCE A-Level with a minimum of 3 A-Level subjects with score of A/A/B or 136 UCAS Tariff Points and 5 GCSE/IGCSE subjects with Grade 7 or higher (previously A grade).
  6. For International Baccalaureate (IB) system, applicants must have a minimum of 36 points overall, including 6/6/6 at higher level.
  7. TOEFL (or equivalent) score of at least 80.
  8. IELTS score of at least 6.0.
  9. English score of at least 1400, math at least 1250 and Physics at least 800 (for domestic study).
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For Postgraduates

  1. Must possess a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 in an undergraduate or master’s program from an approved academic institution.
  2. Applicant must have a minimum of 4 years working experience if applying for Master’s while 6 years working experience if applying for doctoral.
  3. TOEFL score of at least 1000.
  4. IELTS score of at least 700.

Required Documents for Application

  • Original copy of passport (Front page and unified number page)
  • Emirates ID
  • Family book (all pages in writing)
  • Original certificate of IELTS / TOEFL / EmSAT
  • University enrollment letter
  • Recommendation letter from Math instructor
  • Recommendation letter from Science instructor
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • White background passport photograph
  • Academic transcripts for years 9, 10, 11 and 12 (midterm)
  • Most recent university transcript (if any)
  • National service letter
  • Employment letter (if applicable)
  • Scholarship essay (300 word max) answering What motivated you to apply for the ADNOC Scholarship, and why did you choose this particular field of study?

Selection Process

The selection process will be strictly based on applicant’s school, major, grade point average, personal statement, and all eligibility criteria. Before the students are awarded, a medical assessment has to be carried out in order to assess suitability for their chosen discipline.

For applicants involved in National Service, a military service release letter has to be provided to avoid disruption of their studies.

Scholarship Benefits

ADNOC scholars are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Complete tuition fees
  • Yearly travel tickets
  • Monthly stipend allowances
  • Books and clothing allowance
  • Scholarship application assistance
  • Bonus for excellent performance
  • Access to the ADNOC Scholarship Portal
  • Employment opportunities at ADNOC after graduation.

How to apply for ADNOC Scholarship

Only eligible students are advised to apply for ADNOC Scholarship via the application website.

More details /Application: ADNOC Website

Your ADNOC Scholarship Portal will be made available once you get selected for the award. This portal will enable you to access your awards, and other necessary information concerning your scholarship.

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ADNOC Scholarship Deadline

Application closes first quarter of the year. ADNOC starts receiving application 1st of March and closes on the 31st of March.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is ADNOC Scholarship Monthly Stipend

The monthly stipend paid to students ranges from AED 4,000 /8,000/27,000.


What is ADNOC Scholarship email

You can contact ADNOC, with the information provided: phone: 800400 (scholarship contact). Email: [email protected] (business email).

When is the Scholarship deadline

Applications ends on the 31st of March 2023.

What is ADNOC Scholarship number

For inquiries relating to scholarships, contact ADNOC with Tel: 800400.



Here is an opportunity for students in the UAE, Canada, U.S., Japan, Australia, U.K., France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland. The ADNOC Scholarship comes with lots of benefits and future opportunities. It is a scholarship worth acquiring.

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