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Kupe Leadership Scholarship 2023 – University of Auckland


Kupe Leadership Scholarship hosted at the University of Auckland has commenced application for the Kupe Leadership program for 2023. This scholarship program offers a unique opportunity for exceptional students from all faculties to enrich a year of their postgraduate studies.

Scholars awarded this scholarship get to enjoy a thrilling personal growth experience whilst they earn their honours, postgraduate diploma or masters courses at the prestigious University of Auckland.


About Kupe Leadership Program

The Kupe Leadership is a one-year program shaped to develop future leaders who are committed to Aotearoa New Zealand and who will help envision and create a dynamic, creative and successful future of the country. Students are trained to act and think in the way of leaders. It is a program that doesn’t just focus on academic excellence but also on student’s competency, leadership skills and personal growth.

Kupe Leadership program trails down to legend of the great Pacific explorer, Kupe, who, together with his wife, Kurumārōtini, is credited with discovering and naming this land “Aotearoa”. The Kupe’s were very adventurous and courageous that they sailed restlessly and traveled far and beyond. They possessed the leadership spirit which should be emulated in today’s world.

The main purpose of Kupe Scholarship is to encourage and develop students with exceptional leadership abilities to be able to find solutions to today world’s problems. Scholars of this Leadership programme will be matched with an expert from the community in their field to mentor, advise, challenge and guide them as they complete their study. They will also participate in a bespoke Leadership Programme.

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Who can apply for Kupe Scholarship

The Kupe Leadership Scholarship program is open to master’s and Postgraduate students in New Zealand. Scholars must have completed a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and interested in pursuing a higher education through the Kupe Leadership program. Interested student must, first be enrolled at the University of Auckland before commencing application for the Kupe Scholarship.

Programs of Study

Scholars successfully enrolled for the Kupe Leadership program will undergo a one-year academic study in any field of their choice. The program will create an opportunity for each scholar to have a one-on-one mentoring with an expert in their respective fields.

Kupe Leadership Scholarship Eligibility

To be considered eligible to participate for this scholarship, you must possess the following:

  1. Scholar must be a citizen of New Zealand or hold a permanent resident.
  2. Must be enrolled in the University of Auckland
  3. You must have a good academic record
  4. Scholar must show leadership potential.
  5. You must have impacted positively to the community.
  6. You must be ready to learn.

Benefits of Kupe Scholarship

  • Total Scholarship worth $25,000.
  • $22,000 stipend OR a $10,000 stipend
  • Comfortable accommodation (on-campus)
  • One-on-one mentoring with an expert in your field.
  • Bespoke Kupe Leadership Programme.

How to apply for Kupe Leadership Scholarship

Application for the Kupe Scholarship is entirely done online. Interested and qualified scholars should follow the steps below:

  1. To commence your Scholarship application, you must be enrolled at the University of Auckland. Applicant must apply for admission for master’s, postgraduate honours, postgraduate diploma or Graduate Diploma in Teaching programme for the 2023 academic year.
  2. After successfully admitted or registered into Auckland university, you can now proceed to apply for the Kupe Scholarship.
  3. Download and read through the Regulations for the Kupe Leadership Scholarship.
  4. Once done, click the “Apply now” icon.

Note: It is recommended you check the form early in case a reference or endorsement is required to support your application, and to familiarize yourself with the form. Also, ensure you complete all sections on your form before the closure date. Lastly, do not have two different scholarship applications open within the same browser.


Application Form Requirements

All applicants are advised to read through the application form in order to understand every information to be provided. While your application is done and completed online, the following forms are required to be submitted/filled alongside your online application form.

  • Curriculum Vitae details (CV) (your personal information, contact, education, interest etc.).
  • One referee who is an academic under whom you have recently studied at university.
  • One referee who can write about your community activities, and your capabilities and potential as a leader in some sphere of activity.
  • Your most recent two-years of full-time graded study, academic school transcripts from any university aside Auckland. This is to be uploaded directly to the application form and is additional to the transcripts you will supply for your application for admission to the University of Auckland.
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Selection Process

The selection of beneficiaries of the Kupe Leadership Scholarship will be done by a group of committee members in two stages. In the first stage, the committee will select a short-list of candidates. These candidates will then be invited to participate in a Selection Day in October.
Successful candidates will be offered a Kupe Leadership Scholarship conditional on their being accepted into their chosen postgraduate course for 2023.

Kupe Leadership Scholarship Deadline

Application for Kupe Leadership Scholarship opens on Friday 1 July 2022 and closes on Thursday 25 August 2022. All applicants are to submit their applications by midday before the closure date.

Scholarship Contact info

For more information about admission, scholarship, enrollment, course advice and others, call any of the numbers below.
Call us Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.
Auckland: (09) 923 5025
Outside Auckland: 0800 61 62 63
International: +64 9 373 7513


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The Kupe Leadership Programme has provided Scholars in New Zealand an opportunity to further their education for free. This opportunity is rare because of the packed benefits attached to it. Imagine a world where you are seen as a leader with hundreds or millions of followers following your footsteps to greatest. It is not just an honour, but also a sign that you are fulfilling your purpose in life.

The University of Auckland is the largest, most comprehensive and highest-ranked university in New Zealand. It is listed among the top 100 universities in the QS World University Rankings. When it comes to education, Auckland university stands out. How awesome would it be to study in this prestigious university absolutely for free? All thanks to the Kupe Leadership program for master’s and Postgraduate students. Now is the time to unleash the leadership spirit in you!


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