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Many college students always ask these questions. Does Nitro give scholarships? Is Nitro scholarship legit? How much is the scholarship worth? Nitro Scholarship requirements? How can I apply? And so on.

These are common questions among scholarship seekers. However, your questions would be answered appropriately in this blog post.


What is Nitro

Nitro is a foundation that comprises financial services, communications and education professionals. It is projected to help students pay for college. The foundation will also assist to pay down and save money on your student loans after graduation.

The Nitro college foundation has been featured on Forbes, USA Today etc. They have been rendering services to the community for decades. It has grown into a large community with lots of partners willing to sponsor the foundation.

Who can apply for Nitro Scholarship Sweepstakes?

High school students and college Freshmen are the major beneficiaries of the Nitro college scholarship. The scholarship is available to legal residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia. Students must also be at least 17 years old at the time of entry.

Requirements for Nitro Scholarship

Interested students seeking for the $2,000 nitro college scholarship must possess at least one (1) of the following requirements:

  1. Must be a parent who presently has a child in an accredited college/university located within the United States.
  2. A student who is currently enrolled in an accredited college/university within the United States.
  3. A parent who currently has a child enrolled in a High school as a senior student within the United States.
  4. A student currently enrolled as a senior in a High school located in the United States.
  5. A parent whose child has graduated from an accredited undergraduate school and is currently repaying the child’s student loan.
  6. Or a student who has graduated from an accredited undergraduate school and is currently paying back his/her student loan (educational expenses).
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You must be a legal resident of the United States and above 17 years old. You must also meet one of the above requirements before applying for Nitro Scholarship Sweepstakes.

Nitro College Scholarship Application

To commence your application, visit the Nitro Scholarship Website. You will be directed to fill an application form where you include your category and other information. For students, tick the student box, while for parents, tick the parent box.
Provide all required information needed for application, then submit before the monthly due date.

Scholarship Amount

A $2,000 worth of scholarship is issued to the selected students. The scholarship is awarded to 12 students selected by the committee (exceptions may be made).
Nitro issues these Scholarships to students every month. Interested candidates are expected to submit their application before the end of each month.

Scholarship Winners

The Nitro scholarship sweepstakes updates the list of winners each session of the scholarships. The winners of the past months/years are listed on their website. This gives you an assurance that the Nitro scholarship is legit.


Past winners of 2021 Monthly Scholarship

  • Nadia Bray, October 31, 2021.
  • Janmarcos Alvarez Ruiz, November 30, 2021.
  • Kellis Mathis, December 31, 2021.

Current winners of 2022 Monthly Scholarship

  • Kennedy Jenkins, January 31, 2022.
  • Mike Van Dreason, February 28, 2022.
  • Jeremy Grohs, March 31, 2022.
  • Confirming Winner, April 30, 2022.

Nitro College Scholarship Deadline 2022

Since the Nitro scholarship sweepstakes is monthly, the last day of each month is considered as the deadline. To participate, ensure you submit your application before the end of the month.

Upcoming Deadlines dates

May 31, 2022
June 30, 2022.
July 31, 2022.
August 31, 2022.
September 30, 2022.
October 31, 2022. (Current Deadline)
November 30, 2022.
December 31, 2022.

Important Note: All applications submitted past the current deadline date up till 11:59 PM ET will be considered for the next deadline.

Nitro College login

The scholarship committee will contact you if you have been selected for the scholarship. You will then be prompted to log into your student’s portal for further directives.

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Is Nitro Scholarship Legit?

From our review, Nitro Scholarship is not entirely a scam. However, there have been complaints from applicants receiving lots of “spammy like” emails about sweepstakes no essay scholarships, which they award at random.


As a student seeking for a scholarship, you don’t need to stress about the authenticity of the scholarship. Since you are not paying any penny to apply, every scholarship is worth trying out.

What makes some scholarships scam is if they demand you to pay an application fee. And after payment, you are likely not to get a response from the scholarship organization.

However, Nitro scholarship is definitely legit and worth trying out by college students in the United States.

How to Avoid a Scholarship Scam

Students should not provide their Social Security number or bank account information, or pay an upfront application fee for a scholarship. It is advisable to make research and check if the scholarship board has past benefactors.

However, Nitro Scholarship will not demand you provide any of your bank account information or an upfront application fee.


Does Nitro give Scholarships?

Of course, it awards scholarships to qualified students. Nitro scholarship frequently updates on the past winners of the $2,000 scholarship on their website.
Students having doubts about nitro college scholarship should visit their Official website for confirmation.

More Information about Nitro Scholarship

Nitro is one of the easiest scholarships you can find as a college student. You don’t need to write an essay or submit recommendation letters. Nitro Scholarship is straightforward and only takes about 3 minutes to apply.

Over 3 million students have benefitted from Nitro, either through scholarships, student loan programs, FAFSA guides and more.

Nitro Student Loan

Having another alternative for college is very important. Just in case you don’t qualify for the Nitro scholarship, you can also consider their student loan plan.

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Securing a student loan with reasonable interest rates and borrower-friendly loan repayment terms will allow you to invest in your future. This will also save you from graduating with a ton of debts to be repaid.


Nitro offers loans to students strictly for educational expenses during their respective duration of study. This loan is expected to be repaid after graduation with interest depending on the signed agreements.

What Nitro does is to connect students with different trusted lenders. Because of the relationship nitro has built with these lenders, students get the opportunities to benefit:

  • Low interest rates
  • Repayment options and terms
  • Discounts
  • Fees and penalties
  • Responsiveness to customers and applicants
  • The lender’s reputation, history, and solvency.

There are list of Private student loans for you. To know the one that best suits your condition, visit Nitro Student loan. Learn more about Nitro student loan.


Nitro also offers a complete guide on FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). FAFSA is a necessary requirement for all students seeking Federal and State financial aid for higher education in the United States.

This application determines how much financial aid a student is eligible to receive from the government based on needs. Students are often required to fill out the FAFSA when applying for private scholarships and grants. Learn more about Nitro FAFSA Guide.


Nitro college monthly scholarship is a great shot for senior high school and college students in the United States. As a student, try your best to lift the burden of your education from your parents and guardians. This will not just give you a proper education, but also some independence.

The fastest way to failure is by not trying. Don’t just sit without making an effort. You have nothing to lose if you don’t qualify for a scholarship. Why not try?


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