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Abbott and Fenner $1,000 Worth of Scholarship 2024– Apply Now


Studying in college is becoming expensive and for this reason, some students cannot afford a proper tuition. It is also difficult in applying for a student loan, as you may be considered ineligible. However, there is a solution for brilliant college students in the United States to reduce the cost of education.

If you are an incoming freshman wanting to pursue a college degree, you might want to consider the Abbott and Fenner Scholarship.


Scholarships like Abbott and Fenner are limited. So to get selected, you have to work smart not hard.

Before we proceed, remember that scholarships were created to assist students in need of financial assistance. Don’t apply for a scholarship if you do not need its financial help. That being said, also know that not being financially stable is not the end of the world. When there is life, there is hope!

Read through this blog post to understand how Abbott and Fenner Scholarship works and how to apply.

Who are Abbott and Fenner?

Abbott and Fenner is a business consultancy agency that provides benefits to your business through new ideas and creative solutions that result in real improvements.

The A&F consultants provides a vast variety of services. These services influence business owners to make the right decisions in improving their income.

Some services offered by A&F consultants includes; development of feasibility studies, providing management accounting services, business or marketing plans, developing operational strategies, conducting specific research for businesses, providing software support etc. These services are based on the client’s needs and finance.

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Objectives of A&F Consultancy

The Abbott and Fenner is focused on improving businesses of both small and large enterprises by providing efficient solutions to their business problems.

The Consultancy is also impacting in the community of the United States by providing resources for college students in need of financial assistance.


Who can apply for Abbott and Fenner Scholarship

The A&F Scholarship is available for High school Juniors, Seniors or graduates intending to or currently enrolled in an accredited college or university. The scholarship is strictly for citizens of the United States.

For high school graduates, you must be enrolled in an accredited institution such as; community college, university, graduate school. The Abbott and Fenner is restricted to students living outside the U.S.

However, if you are considered eligible with the aforementioned, a good academic performance is necessary. Without a good score and rank in your respective school, you might miss the chance of getting awarded by the scholarship selection committee. A clear explanation of your academic intelligence will be tested in your Scholarship essay.

Requirements for Abbott and Fenner Scholarship 2022-2023

Interested students are expected to meet the following requirements:

  1. Applicants must be a citizen of the United States.
  2. Must be a high school junior, senior, or enrolled in an accredited institution (community college, university, graduate school).
  3. Must be between the age 16 to 30.
  4. Must have a valid address located in the United States.
  5. Must submit a personal essay between 500-1000 words.

Essay topic: Describe your educational career and life goals. Explain your plan for achieving these goals. Include your degree/major, why you selected it, and how this degree/major will help you achieve your goals.


Luckily, the requirements for the Abbott and Fenner scholarship are few. You don’t need a recommendation letter, annual financial statement or school transcripts to process your application.

As a college student, this is one of the easiest scholarship to get awarded. The major requirement is for you to be a citizen of the United States, alongside a well-written scholarship essay. As we proceed, you will learn how to write a winning scholarship essay easily.

How to Apply for Abbott and Fenner Scholarship

After making up your mind to apply for the Abbott and Fenner scholarship, the next step is to commence your online application. Ensure you pass the eligibility criteria before processing your application.

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To apply, visit the Abbott and Fenner business Official website. Then navigate to proceed your application.
You are expected to submit your essay via email to [email protected]. Include your full name and mailing address in your application email.

Make sure you construct a well detailed and comprehensive essay. Since this is one of the major factors for winning the grant, you have to give it your best shot! $1,000 will definitely go a long way in college.


Benefits of Abbott and Fenner Scholarship

The A&F consultants, awards selected students $1,000 to kick-start their college. This money might not sustain you all through college, but it would definitely go a long way in sorting out huge expenses like tuition, accommodation, books, laptop etc.

Since the Abbott and Fenner scholarship was established in 2007, more than 20 students have benefitted from the scholarship program. However, the A&F Scholarship is now getting more competitive due to the number of students showing interest in the scholarship.

List of Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Winners (till-date)

2021 Scholarship winners

Ashyanni Talabes and Hanna Metzger.

2020 Scholarship winner

Jenna Winter

2019 Scholarship winner

Amanda Sutherland.


2018 Scholarship winner

Alexis Bostantzoglou.

2017 Scholarship winner

Luke Ottey.

2016 Scholarship winner

Liz Haskin.

2015 Scholarship winner

Emily Royal.

2014 Scholarship winner

Haley Chizuk.

2013 Scholarship winner

Laura Martin.

2012 Scholarship winners

Serena Meng, Mika Iwasaki, Keiko Konuma, Brendan Weber and Laura Martin.

2011 Scholarship winners

Nina Osuch, Sarah Fallin, and Kendra Eastman.

2010 Scholarship winner

Phillip Rybin.

2009 Scholarship winner

Jessica Gillis

2008 Scholarship winners

Amanda Gordon, and Kristin Buchanan.

2007 Scholarship winner

Sarah McLean.

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Deadline

Application deadline: June 12, 2022
Award Amount: $1,000

Note: Winners will receive their awards 2 weeks after the listed deadline.

Contact information

Abbott and fenner scholarship email
[email protected]

Tips to help you win Abbott and Fenner Scholarship

The main criteria for winning the A&F Scholarship lies on your Scholarship essay. The Consultant company requires interested students to write an essay of at least 500 words and at most 1000 words about themselves.

Most Scholarship bodies instruct applicants to write an essay because they want to have a background knowledge of who they are and their dedication towards their goals.

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1. Plan early

Every decision to take requires planning. Early planning is necessary when writing a scholarship essay. It gives you enough time to relax, think and write a good essay. You can dedicate some hours in a week to begin drafting your essay.

2. Understand the given topic

Understanding the topic is very important. Some scholarships may want you to write a personal essay, your contribution to the community, why you want to study your chosen program, your future goals, why you deserve the award etc. In most case, the given essay topic relates to yourself and contribution to the community.

3. Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorming ideas expands your reasoning capacity. Try to make your essay as detailed and comprehensive as possible. Remember, there are hundreds of other applicants seeking for the scholarship award, ensure your essay stands out.

4. Create an attention-grabbing introduction

The introduction is the strongest part of your essay. For this reason, you must create an attention grabbing introduction. Your introduction should give the readers a quick overview about what they should expect in your essay. Remember, a weak introduction kills the urge to continue reading.

5. Keep good structure and comprehension

Good writing structure matters. It is not advisable to use big vocabularies in your essay. Ensure you keep a formal tone of writing while using words within your learning capacity.

6. Use Real life examples

Include some of your personal real life experiences when writing your essay. This gives a clear explanation about you to the reader.

7. Avoid boring conclusion

Once you are able to successfully sustain the reader’s attention, make your conclusion a summary of your essay. Recall your introduction, build on past points but don’t repeat them, discuss your plans for the future and compliment the reader for their time.

8. Proofread your essay

Proofreading should be the last phase of your scholarship essay before submission. To avoid unnecessary grammatical errors, proofread your essay. It is advisable to give your friend, teacher or guardian to proofread your scholarship essay.

Reference to my previous post for complete guide and sample essays.

7 Scholarship mistakes you should Avoid

  1. Using slang language in your Scholarship essay.
  2. Failing to grab reader’s attention
  3. Showing too many emotions.
  4. Missing the application deadline
  5. Providing fake information or documents
  6. Writing an entirely different essay topic
  7. Not attempting to apply!


The Abbott and Fenner scholarship has helped lots of students pursue their college dreams and goals. It is quite competitive, but there is a high chance that if you apply for the scholarship you will get selected. Take out time to prepare for the scholarship. Early planning is the best approach to winning scholarship awards. Don’t underestimate yourself!


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