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$6,000 Monash Relocation Scholarship – Apply Now


A $6,000 Scholarship awaits students living in remote or regional areas, and also planning to relocate to a Monash Campus. Do you fall under this category of people? If yes, then consider yourself one step from getting the Monash Relocation Scholarship.

The University of Monash, in Australia, is supporting students relocating from home to a Monash Campus. This offer is for students living in a remote, or regional area far from the University.


As college students, there are certain challenges such as transport, accommodation, feeding, etc. To reduce expenses, most students prefer staying in the school’s campus. For this reason, Monash University is supporting students planning to relocate to the university’s campus.

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Who can apply for the Relocation Scholarship

Monash Relocation Scholarship is available for undergraduate students planning to relocate to a Monash Campus. Students living in remote or regional areas of Australia are eligible to participate for this bursary.

Applicants can choose whichever university campus is preferable for them. Once you find a suitable campus, Monash University will sponsor your relocation costs.

The University has four campuses located in Melbourne namely: Clayton, Caulfield, Peninsula, and Parkville and one in Malaysia. The Clayton campus is considered as the largest campus with an area of over 1.1 km⊃2;. It can accommodate over 41,000 students.

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However, you must be a student of Monash University (or intending) before you can apply for this grant.

Why you should apply for this Scholarship

You should apply for Monash Relocation Scholarship if you want to save a bunch of expenses relocating to a Monash campus. There is a high chance you can get selected because the bursary awards 250 students annually.

Imagine the stress, and cost to relocate. You must ensure all your necessary properties such as clothes, electrical gadgets, utensils, bedding etc. are moved to your new destination. You also need to contact a moving company depending on the size of your properties. Either way, there are expenses that need to be paid.


Luckily, Monash University loves investing in its students. The University has different financial aid programs beneficial for students in all school levels. Fortunately, one of their Scholarship program gives opportunity for scholars to save the cost of relocation.

As a student, you have nothing to lose applying for the Relocation scholarship. You can decide to bear the financial burdens alone or let Monash handle it for you. It all depends on your choice. I bet you are smart enough to know what’s best.

Monash Relocation Scholarship Eligibility

To be fully eligible for this Scholarship, you must possess one of the following:

  • A citizen of Australian
  • A citizen of Zealand
  • Possess an Australian permanent resident
  • Australian humanitarian visa holder.

Compulsory Requirements

  1. Applicants must be an undergraduate studying a degree at Monash University.
  2. You must be in need of financial assistance.
  3. Applicants must be an Australian, living in a remote or regional area.
  4. You must be relocating from your home residence closer to a Monash campus.

Benefits of Monash Relocation Bursary

  • $6,000 bursary to selected students for one year only.
  • 250 students get the opportunity to be selected for the scholarship.

Scholarship Selection Process

Monash University will award students based on specific reasons. The first and foremost is your need for financial assistance. Once you are able to prove you need financial aid, you are on the path to get selected.

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Also, the University of Monash will consider Indigenous Australians living in remote area or regional areas. These areas must be located far from the school.


Lastly, consideration will be given to other forms of disadvantage such as difficult circumstances, recent refugee, disability or medical condition, or attended an under-represented school.

Once you have any of these or more selection criteria in check, consider yourself fully eligible. However, your scholarship cannot become a reality if you don’t apply.

How to apply for Monash Relocation Scholarship

1. Scholars in Year 12 should submit their Scholarship application through VTAC.

The application process for this bursary is easy. Make sure you provide every information requested by the scholarship organization before submitting your application. Endeavor to also read the terms and agreements before submission.
Once your application is submitted, you cannot modify. Therefore, proofread before submission.

Scholarship Cancellation

Your Scholarship would be revoked if you don’t comply with the program policies. Any scholar on Monash Relocation Scholarship can be withdrawn if he/she;

  • Does not maintain a minimum Weighted Average Mark of 50 in Semester 1.
  • Does not provide an annual progress report to donors if stated in your offer letter. The progress report is an opportunity for you to share your experiences and benefits.

Deadline for Monash Relocation Scholarship

The bursary opens 30th May and ends on 8th July 2022. All applications must be submitted before closure date.

Contact information

For all general inquiries, please call +61 3 9902 6000 during business hours: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Other Scholarships by Monash University


The Monash University of Australia has given students an opportunity to learn for free. The Relocation Scholarship is just one of the financial aid programs offered by Monash.

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Monash University also provides opportunity for international PhD, Masters and Undergraduate students to study any degree for free.

You don’t have to suffer your financial burdens alone. Relocating to a new environment comes with expenses and miscellaneous. Without having enough cash, you might end up staying in an uncomfortable environment.


Remember, scholarships are established to help. Don’t hesitate to request for financial assistance from an able organization. All you have to do is apply and wait for feedback.

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