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$500 CNA Free Training Resources Scholarship


Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant comes with tedious work, time, devotion and most importantly money. Students pursuing to become a CNA in the United States are prone to face financial issues. The need spikes when the student is independent, has no sponsor or lots of financial burdens. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you have the best shot at staying afloat through the annual $500 CNA Free Training Resources Scholarship.

On average, becoming a Nurse assistant in the United States starts from $1,500. This cost includes tuition, exams, licensing, and other expenses accompanied by the program. The CNA Scholarships is an opportunity for medical students to lessen their educational financial burdens.


Unfortunately, this scholarship may not cover all your program fees, but it will definitely make an impact in your learning. You can sort out basic and essential school needs to get you going.

Who is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?

A certified nurse assistant has responsibility for serving the needs of their patients while under the supervision of a licensed nurse.

The primary responsibility of a CNA is to take care of the patient’s personal and healthcare needs, as well as communicate critical information about the patient’s health. A CNA can work in various healthcare facilities, including personal homes.

About CNA Free Training Resources Scholarship

The Certified Nursing Assistant Free Training Resources provides free materials for students preparing to take the CNA exam, which is a major requirements to become a licensed CNA.

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The CNA training website also support students by lessening their financial burdens through their annual scholarship program. It is strictly for students in the United States, and it is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor or state equivalent agencies.

This financial aid for U.S. nursing students is divided into two groups: CNA Classes Near Me Scholarship and CNA Free Training Resources Scholarship. Both scholarships offer a $500 award to selected students.


CNA Free Training Resources is committed to ensure there are qualified applicants for them to hire by offering a scholarship to aspiring CNAs. Its goal is to help students become Certified Nursing Assistants through their practice tests, skills test tips, salary information and scholarships.


Scholarship Host and is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor/state equivalent agencies.

Award Amount: $500 (one-time payment)

Who can apply for CNA Scholarship

This opportunity is open to students (at least 18 years old) studying to become Certified Nursing Assistants in the United States. Interested student must be enrolled in a state-licensed CNA program to participate in the award. If selected, the recipient must use the allocated funds for educational purposes only.


To be qualified to participate for, you must pass the following criteria.

  • You must be accepted into a state-approved CNA course/certification program by May 31, 2023.
  • Applicant must be a resident of the United States.
  • You must be above 18 years old.

How to apply for CNA Free Training Scholarship

Application for the CNA Free Training Resources Scholarship is done online. The process is straightforward and easy.

  • Fill out the application form provided on the scholarship website and submit.
  • Visit to get access to free training, materials, practice test, and other resources to help you pass your CNA exams.
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Scholarship link

Selection Process

The CNA selection committee select applicants based on the most compelling story on why they would like to become a CNA and why they feel they deserve the award. It is important you write a well-deserved scholarship essay, (not necessarily long) when submitting your application.

CNA Scholarship Winners

Winner(s) are announced a few weeks after the scholarship closure date. The recipient(s) will be contacted via the provided contact information during application to claim award.

To prove scholarship authenticity, the name of the winner alongside a brief essay about the winner will be uploaded on

CNA Scholarship Deadline

Applications must be received by April 2, 2023. Winners will get notified by April 16, 2023. Ensure your application is properly filled before submission.


CNA Practice Test

As earlier stated, the provides students with training materials, practice test, skills test tips, salary information and scholarships all for free.

The CNA Free practice test prepares students for their Certified Nursing Assistant Exams. The test questions will help you practice in preparation for your CNA exam. Take any of the available CNA practice tests as often as you’d like until you are confident in your ability to perform on exam day.

Students in Ohio and New Hampshire can also participate in the free test as it consists of STNA or LNA preparatory questions.

The practice test comprises questions from a broad aspect of study. The tests will have questions from the various topics including:

  1. Basic nursing skills and safety
  2. Patient mental health and social service needs
  3. Personal care skills
  4. Emergency procedures
  5. Restorative services
  6. Patient and professional communication
  7. Legal and ethical concerns
  8. Care of cognitively impaired patients
  9. Resident’s rights.

Build your knowledge and become familiar with CNA exam questions by frequently taking the free practice tests.


Practice Test link

CNA Classes Near Me

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you need to get enrolled in a state-licensed CNA program. The CNA classes near me website helps students find CNA classes within the United States.

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When you get enrolled in a CNA class, you will take a certification exam at the end of your program to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Once you’ve passed the certification exam you’ll have the opportunity to be added to your state’s nurse aide registry and find work as a nursing assistant.

Find CNA Classes Near you

CNA Salary Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in U.S., the median annual wage for nursing assistants was $30,310 in May 2021. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $23,880, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $44,240.

CNA Skills Test

Written test and the clinical skills test are the major hurdles to overcome before becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. The website has provided videos for students to learn the basics and essential skills of the medical training. At your free time, you can watch some videos by visiting the CNA training website.


$500 CNA Classes Near Me Scholarship


CNA Scholarships offers great opportunities for aspiring nursing students in the United States. The more professional you get in your field, the higher opportunities and income. Hurry now and apply for this scholarship!


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